Thursday, February 19, 2015


I think +matt jackson provided a bit of forest with a ruin to get us into the Alphabet Dungeon, but what if our erstwhile adventurers can't find their way back to the entrance, or become blocked in, and must keep moving forward?

E is for Exits:

Get me out of here!
1. A gaping sinkhole, moss- and slime-draped.  The first daylight seen for days filters down and fresh air fills the lungs.  Looking across the dripping expanse is a caved-in tunnel, and rocks kicked into the sinkhole echo as they fall, and fall, and fall... Looks like out is up.

2. After crawling among stalactites and whacking their heads one too many times, a subterranean river beckons.  Can they make the dive, ferrying gear through the drowned dark, perhaps finding a breathing hole along the way?  Will a grasping tentacle drag a hapless adventurer down, so close to the egress?

3. Running, fleeing from a foe, the party comes up short, backpedaling to avoid falling down the cliff face and onto the pointed rocks below.  Sea spray pelts their faces as they look upon the crashing waves. A few gnarled trees cling to the crumbling chalk face, defiant of the elements. Perhaps they will hold a grapple...

4. Dappled sunlight through ancient trees greets our party as the blink in the light.  A sigh of relief as they help a limping ally out of the dark cavern behind them. Unfortunately, they are not the first besieged party to stumble out of this cave, and Rahm Omas and his band of forest bravos await to relieve the depleted party of their hard-fought gains.

5. Stairs rise from the corridor, ending in a trap door.  The door, hidden from above, opens behind the idol of a death-angel in an abandoned temple.  Ancient runes ring the idol's pedestal. Unbidden, one of the characters begins to chant the forgotten language of the runes.  The idol opens her eyes and shakes dusty, iron-feathered wings. Who are these infidels desecrating her holy space?

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