Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lost Tomes 3

L is for Lost Tomes (previously here, and here)

5 more books quickly ginned up to keep the Alphabet Dungeon stocked:
Lebelia's Bestiary.
Written in High Elf, this book describe various small to medium monsters and animals, with intricately-drawn figures of the creatures in question. Most pages are missing, apparent torn free.
Each remaining page, if torn out, burned and spoken over with correct incanation, will release the depicted monster (or monsters) up to 3 HD as per summon monster, except the spell duration is twice as long.  There will be 2d10 pages remaining, with random creatures pictured.

Chionld's Codex of Rejuvenated Lands:
Crafted by a druid committed to rehabilitating dead lands, this book, bound in dark brown bark, smells of earth and cut grass.  The book contains powerful ritual magics for the restoration of blighted or cursed lands to fruitfulness. Only readable by high-level druids conversant in the Old Tongue.

Lotus-Warrior Scroll:
Written in a foreign calligraphy, the scroll depicts a running creature trailing leaf-like feathers.  The scroll is 'planted' in the ground, anointed with 4 hp of blood, and the chant written on the scroll is repeated three times.  The ritual will call a Lotus-warrior from its plane of training and contemplation. The plant-based humanoid resembles a weasel coated in a close 'fur' of leaves. This magical creature bounds and tumbles from its home plane, and joyously announces its intent to serve its summoner in the pursuit of good and beauty. When faced with an enemy, the Lotus-warrior gambols and tumbles, striking and tripping with its whip-like head-leaf and stabbing with its lance-like wooden sword.  At the end of a day, the warrior will take a deep bow, and disappear in a flash of green.  An art object or valuable gem in possession of the party will disappear with it.
Lotus-warrior - 3HD, AC 4/16 (dodging and tumbling), Atk: (2) 1d6 (Head-leaf ) and 1d8 (lance). Special: 15' reach with head-leaf, target makes DEX save on successful hit or tripped. Warrior may strike creatures immune to normal weapons. May cast Protection from Evil once per day.

The Summoner's Gag:
This scroll appears to contain one to three offensive or attack spells (e.g. magic missile, web, lightning, etc.) However, if the caster reads from it, hidden glyphs become visible, animating the scroll, and gagging and suffocating the user, rendering them helpless (typically at the worst possible moment in melee). The scroll will deal 1d4 points choking and pummeling damage per round for 1d4+1 rounds. During this time, the spellcaster will be unable to speak or defend themselves against attack. The scroll may be burned to free the caster, but they will take half damage from the fire.

The Inquisitor's Scrollcase:
This relic, created by the Grand Inquisitor Tamrad three generations ago, amplifies mental control spells on scrolls stored within (e.g. charm).  Saves against spells stored in the scroll case are made at -2.  Additionally, the scroll case, if touched to an 'interviewee' will compel them to answer three questions to the best of their ability.

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