Saturday, May 30, 2020

Checking in at the Ruins of Castle Kazza

Sneaking in one more before the end of the month.

Not much going on here, or is it? The locals report that a band of orcs are squatting in the vacation home of a beloved past king. Might as well go see what sort of mischief they are getting themselves into. 

Or not? 

We visit another one of Daniel Walthall's creations, a small castle in disrepair.

I waffled about how to present this space. It seemed to have a few stories or possibilities to it, similar to my "4 Scenarios" exercises. In the end, instead of changing the occupants and scenario, I kept our somewhat anachronistic band of orcs, and, instead, took inspiration from Daniel's signature random table on each map. So, we have several potential objectives for our orcs, a batch of other NPCs to influence the action, and some random pocket change, as it were....

I hope this inspires some play or threads of other ideas. Enjoy, and stay healthy and safe out there. 

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Come on in, the acid's fine...

Ok folks, doing it again - a sit-down straight through populating of another of Jackson's Quarantine Specials. Matt "helped" this time by filling in the hows and whys of the place, along with several suspiciously-named NPCs.

And that evocative pool of acid - no self-respecting evil lair should be without an extremely hazardous room. Written primarily with the OSE pieces-parts and the baddies get a hopefully fun collection of cherry picked spells to assail the hapless with...

Not much more to say but, "watch your step."