Saturday, September 19, 2020

The Gaol of Kilmanhard has some new tenants...

Shuffling around on my desk for a map that I swore I just printed out and this one surfaces instead. Like everything lately (gestures broadly), I don't remember where I found it or what inspired me at the moment.

Map in its original orientation

But statues, and a pool, and apparently a conference table. Important things are going down here. 

What exactly is going on in this secret place? Well, as my notes clearly show: is a hidden temple to a primordial god, one known for their two aspects, one of blessing and one of destruction.... 

Somewhere in the middle of this I figured out that it was a Jackson map from 2016, and that I had it oriented upside-down from the original presentation. So be it.

Ok, enough rambling and dawdling. Go see who has occupied the Gaol of Kilmanhard. And don't worry about pissing off old oceanic gods. After all, what could go wrong?

Original by Aurther Rackham

Ok, now I'm going to go print off that other map a 2nd time. Which probably means I'll find the original copy...