Monday, September 6, 2021

The Deck of Several Things, a revisitation of the Deck of Many Things

I'm not sure how the DoMT came to my mind. I've never encountered or used it in play, but I suppose that the idea of a pack of random boons/banes floated into my head, and I needed to expand on that.

But when my favorite thrash-bluegrass outfit has a song about The Deck, I'm compelled to write something...

Serendipitously, Prismatic Wasteland posted this review of the original Deck cards, rating each card for its effect and game-breaking abilities.  So it was, again, A Sign.

Anyway, below are three Decks of Not-Quite-Many Things... 

The Deck of Several Things: A less-wondrous collection of cards, de-powered to break the world less. Several of the effects are more reversible, as compared to the very limited reversible effects of the original DoMT. I've kept the 50/50 proportions of beneficial and detrimental cards, and renamed some of the cards to better fit the effects of the drawn card. Starred cards are included in the 22-card deck:

  1. Ace of diamonds — Vizier*: Gain the ability to cast Augury 1d4 times
  2. King of diamonds — Sun: Random non-weapon magic item usable by your class (Selected by GM).
  3. Queen of diamonds — Moon: Gain the ability to cast True Seeing 1d3 times
  4. Jack of diamonds — Star: +1 to prime requisite attribute.
  5. Two of diamonds — Favored Enemy: If you single-handedly slay the next enemy, gain it as a favored enemy (+1 to-hit/damage).
  6. Ace of hearts — The Fates*: Reverse the effects of a negative/tragic event. Applies to either the past or may be held for a future event.
  7. King of hearts — Throne: +1 charisma, and a deed to a ruined tower...
  8. Queen of hearts — Key: One random magic weapon usable by your class (Selected by GM).
  9. Jack of hearts — Mook: 1st-level man-at-arms appears (6hp, chainmail, spear, short sword). Loyal unto death. Gains experience as a retainer.
  10. Two of hearts — Gem*: A 1000gp gem appears.
  11. Ace of clubs — Talons*: One magic item held by the character loses its ability (weapon becomes mundane, potion inert, etc.).
  12. King of clubs — Mindless: As Feeblemind, may be dispelled with Remove Curse.
  13. Queen of clubs — The Imp: Attacked by a most disagreeable imp. Anyone supporting you summons their own imp to defeat.
  14. Jack of clubs — Haunt: Haunted by a ghost of a slain enemy for one month. Prevents natural hp recovery and spellcasters must save vs spells (or equivalent) to gain daily spells due to fatigue and distraction. May be dispelled with Exorcise or similar.
  15. Two of clubs — Hampered: -1 to prime requisite attribute.
  16. Ace of spades — Kidnapped: Dragged to the fey realm for 24 hours. Returned bereft of gear and no memory of what happened. Permanent haunted look and random paranoia.
  17. King of spades — Gone Broke: All carried wealth (coin, gem, jewelry) disappears.
  18. Queen of spades — Bane: -1 to all rolls for one month, or until Remove Curse.
  19. Jack of spades — Rumors: The PC has gained the ire of the local law enforcement, realm leadership, or inquisition.
  20. Two of spades — Re-balance: Rearranged attributes, new PC class.
  21. Joker (with TM) — Fool*: Lose one level, draw again.
  22. Joker (without TM) — Jester: Sufficient XP to level up, or two draws.

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Moar Minotaur. And the Shaman class!

Well, figured I should give my minotaur the Advanced Version of ye olde game treatment, and give them a little class, or classes, as well. So here's our bovine friend kitted out for 1e/OSRIC/OSE Advanced Fantasy/etc. 

Download Me

Gave them the fighter and thief, of course, because apparently anyone can do that. And barbarian, because uncivilized. But felt like I needed a bit of a spellcaster too. Not being satisfied to just toss them the cleric/druid class, I wanted to perhaps give them something a bit hybrid. So the shaman class came to be. Now I know that there are likely plenty of shaman/witch/druid/nature-priest classes out there, but why not one more? 

Besides, I had this guy for inspiration: