Thursday, December 31, 2015

Map contest and the beaver-folk....

As part of Erik Tenkar's OSR Christmas+matt jackson teamed up with Erik to offer a collection of his original hand-drawn maps. The entry stipulated that a comment describing how the following map would be used was required for entering the drawing:

It was apparent to me: "Swimming pool and rec center for beaver-men complete with dams, diving boards, sunning platforms and +1 pool floaties."

So, on a quiet New Year's Eve, have a quick and dirty statting and description of the 'pool' and its inhabitants:

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

December RPG Blog Carnival: The Children's Crusade RPG

James at World Builder Blog is hosting this month's Blog Carnival, with the theme of Homebrew Holiday Gifts.  After all, who doesn't like a homemade gift?

So, I have this long-languishing project, that started out as an attempt to make a one-page ruleset, then a rules-lite ruleset, then what the hell, I'd better write an adventure too...

So, have the Children's Crusade rules and mini-adventure!

"As many stories and movies tell us, the solving of mysteries, foiling of evil plots, or rescuing of the abducted is much too serious of a matter to be left up to adults. And they wouldn't believe you anyway, so it’s up to you and your chums to go out and make things right.

All player characters (and perhaps the players, as well), whether they realize it or not, are 9-12 years old."

Download it, play it, let me know if/how it works.  Have fun!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Thorpe of Onver

Since I one of my entries finally won an Inkwell Ideas geomorph contest, I suppose that it will be fun to stat up the little settlement.  

From my contest blurb: An outpost-village at a rural crossroads.  The crossroads is overlooked by a small motte-and-bailey, and is surrounded by a number of homes roofed in thatch or slate.  Several ancient dolmen flank the north road, and are thought to protect the village from evil incursions.  They glow bright blue under the Harvest Moon, but their true purpose has not yet revealed itself.

The thorpe of Onver has grown up around a rural crossroads. The crossroads are overlooked by a small motte-and-bailey fort. The fort is monitors the road, as well as provides local defense in the event of depredations by a pair of hill giants known to raid the area. The bailey is built with a stout palisade surrounding a longhouse, storehouse, and blockhouse.

The master of the fort is Oren Staible (4th Level fighter, 15HP, AC3/16 (Plate), 2-handed flail (1d8+1), +1 dagger, 198 GP, potion of cure poison). As the local thane, he collects taxes and harvest-shares to finance the collective defense of the community. He employs six men at-arms (4-6HP, AC6/16 (Ring), heavy crossbow (1d6+1), hand axe(1d6)).

The fort's blockhouse is equipped with a scorpion catapult. The scorpion is smaller than a ballista and may be more easily moved and aimed. Reloading action is per heavy crossbow (once per two rounds), damage 2d6, range 100 ft. The scorpions fire specially-made heavy darts or arrows. Because of the length of the darts and power of the prods, on a critical hit, the dart will penetrate a primary human-sized target and strike a second target standing behind for the same damage. The scorpion requires a minimum crew of two, however, three is preferable.