Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Never Enough Monkey - Matt's Map Mutilated...

And here we are, with another quick populating of a Jackson creation, this time his recent "August Quickmap," a compact "five-room dungeon" for the PCs to seek or stumble upon...

I went through a few iterations before settling on what lives in the depths of this unnamed cavern, set in a simian-infested jungle. Statted using a bit of 1e, a bit of S&W, and a lot of monkey.

And remember...

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Four Trips into Malkara Caverns

It's been a while since I took one map and wrote multiple settings/adventures off of the single space - my '4 Scenarios' exercise. So, I grabbed one of Daniel's maps, this time the Malkara Caverns:

I borked it up with four one-page scenarios, each suitable for a session's play as a side-trip or destination. The cavern has some good geometry, with a scary bridge across a cavern, some side caverns, a subterranean pool, and a secret stash... The little quests are stuffed into a single document for ease, and use the Swords & Wizardry rule-set (but use whatever you like to run). Enjoy, and feel free to hack and comment.

Ella helped.