Saturday, June 8, 2024

"Brother Odom's Crypt" - An Encounter Area From Our Campaign

Last session, our band of miscreants came upon a tomb inhabited by an undead knight of an old order. They have encountered such undead warriors before, so delved in to see if they could recruit said knight to their cause. The knight, although handicapped, was willing to join. However, the party found that his soldiers had been corrupted by other organisms, and a fight was had. 

So sharing a slightly revised version of the quick encounter area that I sketched up for the party. 

As clearly shown...

The original map was drawn by prolific creator u/Raznag. I have a handful of his pieces, and this is the first one that got scribbled on. So we have a small, linear crypt with a mushroom-filled cavern. Perfect for a resting crusader and his corrupted colleagues.

Original map here

I made a quick "finished" dungeon from the session map. Elements of the scenario (deity, relic, and faction) are obviously from our campaign, but could be adjusted for your play. The "fungal wraiths" are co-opted from my "Banshee's Tower" adventure, which two of the players have helped to clear. Enjoy.

Welcome to Brother Odom's Crypt

Monday, June 3, 2024

Campaign Journal: The Road to Chirath

The curtain rises on our heroes:

  • Fulvus: halfling
  • Slick: Thief
  • Jax: Barbarian
  • Orzu: Gnome (returning after a hiatus)

After the return to Neuforde, the party refitted and hired up a few new horse-guards and drovers. And, of course, they asked Hugo what he might have in stock. The gnome alchemist has a couple of his special healing potions available, as well as an "explosive paste" that Slick took interest in. Hugo also gave the party a crock of "caustic sludge" (alchemical waste) that they may find uses for.

Some catch-up of events and discussion, as Orzu's player has been on walkabout for a couple of months. The decision was made to head to the city of Chirath, regional capital for the Hougon Duchy, since a number of potential resources were rumored in the city and surrounds.

Bright and early the next morning, the party rolled out. A long day of travel, and no untoward events, brought the party to the gates of the town of Laford, located at a 'Y' in the trade road. The guards were roused and reluctantly opened the town gates. They grumpily pointed the party toward the town's inn ("The Half-Full Cup") and went back to their guard-house. 

The halfling proprietor took a look at the party and their retainers, did some quick mental calculations, and said, "Wait a moment." Some commotion and noise was heard from upstairs, and he returned. "A room has just opened up..." The local beer-seller was happy to talk shop with Fulvus, and essentially shared the family recipe. Everyone had lodging and a good stew to close the night. Slick stole a hat (pointy, indigo).

The next morning, the party was greeted with pastries from a local shop and sent on their way with well wishes. Some time after noon, the party crossed a river ford. Buzzards were spotted in the sky. Slick dismounted, went invisible, and scouted ahead.

Always a good sign

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

They Met at a Tavern 4: Another Visit to the Temple of Dynss

Had some unscheduled time during the long holiday weekend, so posted up a last minute Meetup one-shot session. Fell back on OSE as the Game of Choice for the evening. I had four participants, one of whom was a Repeat Offender from the "Atticus Stumps" session.

Who did we have?

  • Varric the Dwarf (Jema)
  • Father Seva the Cleric (Alex)
  • Robert the Mage (Max)
  • Faldo the Fighter (Tom)
We rolled for Random Headgear (both the dwarf and cleric received Fancy Top Hats), asked a few roleplaying questions to get into the minds of the characters, and were off.

I had my usual sheaf of potential scenarios and decided to run another play-through of the Temple of Dynss, since I had softened it for the 1st level Deathbringer play-through, and wanted to see how the "intended" character levels fared.

The party was hired by the local Council to check out the temple, per usual. The dwarf insisted on a down payment for expenses. Thus fortified, the party made their way towards the temple. The only event of note en route was encountering a very large viper that was, fortunately, put down without mishap. But that was a really large viper...

Upon finding the temple, the party accessed it via the main stairs, sending the dwarf first to check out the dark space. Finding nothing, she called the rest of the party in. They were impressed by the size of the space and the toolmarks where the chambers had been carved from the bedrock.

They spotted the tapestries covering the accesses to the western chamber. Varric considered their possible sale value while Father Seva recommended that, as depictions of Chaos, they must be burned. The tapestries were set aside for future conflagrations.

The party inspected the western chamber and its rusted door, but didn't probe much. The dwarf wandered out into the western landing, where she spotted the statue. (Here's a later-edition player moment - the question of can I roll perception to see if it's trapped? Let me describe the statue first - then you can decide. Well, there are scorch marks around the statue, what do you think?) The mage offered his 10-foot pole, which the dwarf used to poke the statue. ZOT! and the dwarf now holds a 7-foot pole. She picked up the loose change from the alter.


Saturday, May 25, 2024

D66 Relics

Relics. Artifacts, bodily remains, sacred ephemera... Often imbued with some divine or mystical power, representative of the relic's original bearer.

The Vendramin Family Venerating a Relic of the True Cross, Titian

Last session, the PCs were granted "Sister Sowena's Fist" a prosthetic gauntlet formerly owned by a crusader, that now is alleged to have the powers to locate restless dead who still keep watch against the forces of Chaos. The Sister's remains, themselves, reside in a coffer and provide protection against incursions. 

Arm reliquiary of the holy Niclas, 1225-1250.

So what relic may a party seek out on purpose, or find via chance? D66 relics, mostly alliterative in name, with a brief description, and a few bonus D6 lists...

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Campaign Journal: Cobalt Lake, Part the Second

After the day's events, the party was welcomed to spend the night among Queen Adra's loyal subjects.

Who's partying tonight?

  • Fulvus: halfling
  • Frederick: thief
  • Slick: thief
  • Rondel: elf
  • Jax: barbarian
  • Miscellaneous Mooks 
Ok, let's get it on. Partying occurs. Jax and Flick took part in hobgoblin axe throwing contests, with mixed success. Goober was accosted by several goblin children. Fulvus tried out a few varieties of goblin 'small beer' without any deleterious effects, and got some inspiration for herbal amendments to his future brews. Rondel made association with a handful of gnolls, who were impressed with his language skills. Frederick communed in a sweathouse with Adra, her hobgoblin shaman, Shazen, and whatever aromatics he was tossing on the fire. 

Frederick's celebration was hampered by a premonition that an ally had been displaced or otherwise detained. Something to contemplate.

Everyone woke up, bleary, in the morning to a commotion at camp of the goblin tribe who the party had escorted into the settlement. The two tribal heads had been slain in the night, and their prized bow stolen! Murder most foul...

A search of the area turned up tht bow stashed among the party's gear in their wagon. Accusations flew, focussing on Murdar, the dwarven man-at-arms ("It's in his name!"). Murdar is a rather simple-minded dwarf, known for carrying a rag doll. He was questioned under the close inspection of Jax (with the help of Faith Perpetual), as were the other two mooks, Golman and Barlow. Alibis seemed to be consistent, although Faith was having a hard time getting a read on Barlow... Rondel attempted a charm, but the spell fizzled. The party described to Adra how they had been tracked by one or more Chaos assassins, who had slain a number of individuals who the party had made contact with. This stunk of their doing.

In any case, Queen Adra was not pleased with this development. The goblin camp and party camp were investigated, and few clues were uncovered. The bow was returned to the goblins.

Adra made council with her advisors, Shazen and Golandan the desert elf. The party would be allowed to leave, but in the light of the Chaos attack, and the mysterious deaths, they would be requested to leave a hostage advisor among their number to help keep an eye out for more Chaos incursions and aid in strategy. Flick volunteered/was voluntold that he would remain. Slick left him with a beloved (stolen) hat and Fulvus left him with a device known to stun chitin drakes. 

a better representation of Adra (source)