Saturday, October 10, 2020

A Tourist's Guide to Foxtail Grotto

Another incursion into a creation of Dyson's, this time a lovely little piece of real estate in a grotto/cavern along some coastal environs. I also borrowed some general themes outlined in his blog entry, somewhat modded for my own imagining of the scenario.

Original post

I see this as a relatively low-level scenario, where the big-bad may be able to corner the PCs within the complex, but where they may find a few resources to help defeat it.

And why wouldn't they just run at the first site of such looming doom? Have you met players and their foolhardy PCs???

Anyway, here's Foxtail Grotto for use and abuse.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

The Gaol of Kilmanhard has some new tenants...

Shuffling around on my desk for a map that I swore I just printed out and this one surfaces instead. Like everything lately (gestures broadly), I don't remember where I found it or what inspired me at the moment.

Map in its original orientation

But statues, and a pool, and apparently a conference table. Important things are going down here. 

What exactly is going on in this secret place? Well, as my notes clearly show: is a hidden temple to a primordial god, one known for their two aspects, one of blessing and one of destruction.... 

Somewhere in the middle of this I figured out that it was a Jackson map from 2016, and that I had it oriented upside-down from the original presentation. So be it.

Ok, enough rambling and dawdling. Go see who has occupied the Gaol of Kilmanhard. And don't worry about pissing off old oceanic gods. After all, what could go wrong?

Original by Aurther Rackham

Ok, now I'm going to go print off that other map a 2nd time. Which probably means I'll find the original copy...

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Finding a forgotten project.

Was cleaning up my writing files a few days back and considering expanding on a prior project when I noticed a rogue document with an April date. Looks like I started working on infesting one of Jackson's map, then dropped it when work got crazy. Appropriately - it looks like one of his "CoronaCon" maps. Forgot where I found it. Welcome to my brain.

So I revisited the map and started revising. Shifted a couple of features about and set up to finalize. And then I noticed three more rooms. Welcome to my brain.

That said, I'd started down a 'four elements' path, so better shoehorn in Air and Fire, since I'd already addressed Earth and Water.  And there's a totally unrelated statue of a jolly fat guy in a red suit... I'm sure it all makes sense...


Saturday, August 15, 2020

What's Going on Down on the Priggin's Farm?

Heh, not sure what to say about this one, other than Tim Shorts left a pair of maps on Reddit for just anyone to do with what they will.

Like the last installment here, the maps are a paired surface/underground complex. And the residents? Well, they've seen better days, I suppose.

Spoiler on the underground creature-feature: I read somewhere in the blogosphere not long ago about re-skinning level draining undead, particularly for them-there old-school games, as level loss, especially with slower PC advancement, may be seen as an undue penalty (and a couple of level-drained PCs can quickly lead to a party death spiral). Alternatively, these undead attack ability scores, with death occurring with the score hits 0. While I don't specify if the loss is permanent, a few options may be offered:

1) Yup, permanent. Dammit.

2) Ability score recovers at some slow to modest rate, perhaps 1d2/month.

3) Divine intervention: I'd suggest remove curse as a curative to such unholy drains on a PC.

Anyway, take a visit to the old Priggin farmstead, and have some fun with it. The residents can definitely be played as eccentrics of their kind, and perhaps things will take an interesting turn...

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Exploring Dyson's "Old Fort Ruins & Dungeon"

Well, my brain is still mush with a lot of work demands and long hours. And I've found that I'm putting off a lot of exercise, both physical and creative. So this thing has been floating around in my carry-bag since Dyson first posted it in May. Which shows my productivity...

So here's Dysons "Old Fort Ruins & Dungeon," as interpreted by me... 

Not much to add here - no real deep creative process to unravel. I liked the interconnection of the surface space as an indication to the subsurface terrain (collapsed area) and its implications for exploration and geometry, and worked it into the narrative of the hows and whys of the adventure. Statted using B/X-OSE-adjacent methodologies. Or something like that...

Download me here

I hope to get back to a better flow upcoming - looks like I'm over the hump on the current work project (although there are rumblings that I'm taking on a new task). A few friends are discussing a modest collaborative project, and I have a fistful of other maps scattered about to fill with denizens.

Hope this finds you all healthy and finding your own ways to keep creative and connected.