Monday, February 23, 2015

The Ilanuran Ibis

I is for the Ilanuran Ibis:

"Kayl's dead, damn that wight. By Tau's bad breath!
Pifkin, bring me that jade ibis!"
"What? I'm fencing this thing as soon as we get out of this mausoleum and back to Enthnim!"
"Not likely, you heretical halfling! That 'trinket' to you is a holy relic, and will keep our friend from rotting until we get to a resurrectionist!" The cleric wrapped the sculpture up in a makeshift shroud around the warrior's body.
"We gonna try to get him raised?"
"Of course, he's our stalwart. Besides, he still owes me 200 crowns from our last game. C'mon, Baldrick, help me hoist this body."

A jade ibis statue, approximately 20 pounds in weight, and strangely warm to the touch. The market value for such a statue is approximately 1000 GP.

However, a closer assessment of the ibis will reveal that it exudes a faint divine power.  Clerics associated with deities of death or resurrection will recognize the ibis as a powerful relic of resurrection, increasing focus and communication with the deceased's soul.  If a party member dies, and their body is wrapped up with the sculpture, the relic arrests all decomposition. Severed limbs will reattach, and disfiguring damage (acid, burns, etc.) will fade from the corpse. If the sculpture is presented to a cleric of an appropriate deity as part of a resurrection fee, the presence of the ibis will increase the likelihood of resurrection by 10%.

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