Sunday, January 28, 2024

Late Delivery: Secret Santicorn 2023

 Christmas gifts that keep on giving? 

For the OSR secret santicorn, you've been paired with wyattwashere, who wants “A list of modern/urban creatures for use in horror-investigation games like Call of Cthulhu or Delta Green. The weirder and more niche the better!

Been on this one for a bit. 

I read through my Delta Green quickstart, and thumbed through my CoC. Through it all, the Hounds of Tindalos kept popping up in my imagination.

Good puppy (source)

So why not start from there?

<writing ensues>  

 For inspiration, downloaded a glut of images from artist 0nedes, who heavily inspired a prior writing exercise, also with a dark horror/post-apocalypse vibe. 

I mean look at this cutie: 

Who could deny a darling creature like that? "Honey, it wants in!"

Additional inspiration via Dan Davis History, with a bit of Crecganford and Esoterica. Soundtrack by Cryo Chamber and other Dark Ambient channels.

So I'm not sure that I met the criteria for modern/urban, just for the fact that I created a mini-Mythos dating back to Neanderthal times and heavily influenced by Stone to early Bronze Age Indo-European cultures and myths. I mean, why use the published material when you can start from scratch? That said, I rounded up several modern references and occurrences that dovetail in with a potential 'reawakening' of beings/creatures, as well as some descriptions of the misguided or corrupted souls who may want to interact with it.

They Called Them Wolves (link permissions fixed)

Thanks also to Archon's Court for shepherding the project through this year.

Friday, January 26, 2024

Campaign Journal: The Ha'Tak Pyramid Welcoming Committee

When last we left our heroes, at least a couple were picking shrapnel out of their various bits.

Who made it?

  • Fulvus, halfling
  • Frederick, thief
  • Jax, barbarian
  • Rondel, elf
  • Slick, thief
  • Orzu, gnome (who had apparently been outside the pyramid taking a leak during the prior shenanigans)
Catching their breath, it was decided to pursue Grenade Throwing Dude (GTD). Checking the northeast door from whence he had appeared, no sound was heard. Cracking the door, they found an empty chamber with three exits and a painting of Khador (in her "wild party years" guise). Painting immediately filched. 

Something like this (original by Harry Clarke)

No sounds were heard from the three exit doors (although Goober was suspicious about the north and west doors), and Fulvus and hench Wena kicked the western exit open:

'Sup, yo (source)

After a brief beatdown by the undead knight, Fulvus and Wena bravely retreated, assisted by Rondel and a web spell. 

In the meantime, Slick and Flick cracked the north door, encountering a couple of burly skeletons in an old barracks. Henry Cee repelled them, and the two thieves pursued, eventually taking them down. The barracks and adjacent storeroom were pretty much devoid of valuables. Although Slick did find a jar of pennies (thanks to a crap roll on a Donjon treasure table).

Frederick was wisely watching the third door. And of course GTD cracks that door open, zaps him with a Chromatic Orb, and bolts. A side effect of the Orb was a nausea-inducing cloud, which half the party failed. 

Like this guy, but with grenades.

Most of the party retreated to the central room. The undead knight was slain from a safe distance, and decent treasure recovered. 

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Campaign Journal: Headed North

 ... and this is why you always plan, at least minimally ...

Who showed up?

  • Slick - thief
  • Fulvus - halfling
  • Rondel - elf
  • Fred - thief
  • Jax - barbarian

First, some quick worldbuilding. An opening question to the players. "So you've been adventuring for a while. And a few of you have been 'mostly dead.' What scars or other distinguishing characteristics have you accumulated?" ... 

That done, the PCs, after the prior session's misadventures and misbehaviors, decided that finding the northernmost node of the Barrier should be a priority, recognizing that the Theocracy had located and occupied one point, and Chaos seemed to be on the move.

Some brief resupply took place, Rondel dropped off his exploration notes with elvin stenographer Ellarwel, and the party prepped to leave town.

But first: Is there a local alchemist for some potions? I don't know. 2d6: 12. Yes, definitely... (Random name) Umm. Mery Clemyth has a shop west of town. Brother Sigeric has directions... Anyway, the party picked up a few items to make nuisances of themselves with. Healing potions? You're kidding, no reputable alchemist would dabble in that...

And off we go.

North we go along the trade road. Encounter at nightfall. Damnit, do I want to dig through my folio for my encounter sheet? Nah. Um... well-equipped and armed caravan hauling skins and ivory from the Khanates in the north. Caravan master (random name) Bruno Spadaro of the Spadaro trading family, you haven't heard of us? The PCs shook their heads. But Slick was quite enamored with the fellow's flamboyant hat. The PCs learned a bit of the mysterious northern Khanates, and their affinity for books. In fact, the caravan had a few traded used books in addition to their more valuable cargo. Rondel rooted through the books, picking one with the intriguing title of "Myths of the Comet-Fall." Could it have something to do with the Paragons of the Comet zealots/assholes that the party encountered? Time will tell.

Everyone settled down for the night. Except Slick. He wanted that hat. The dice were soooo on Slick's side. So many good rolls. The stakes just kept going up. Still good rolls. Finally, Slick was in the caravan master's wagon. He began to open a chest. CREAK. Finally! Hehe. Slick made one more good roll and escaped into the night, undiscovered. But hatless. The caravan master checked his ajar door, shrugged, and made sure it was securely locked.