Sunday, November 7, 2021

Vobleavira Haven Revision

Well, after the events recounted in last week's post, it was time to lift the hood on the adventure and do some tuning. 

Spoilers aplenty below...

Saturday, November 6, 2021

A quick visit to The Mausoleum of Matias

Well, I have word that Jackson has recovered enough hit points to return home, so that's some good news for his recovery. 

In the meantime, a quick stocking exercise of "The Mausoleum of Matias" that he posted a couple weeks ago.

An inviting 5-room format

The mausoleum, per the creator, is heavily trapped (3 in the 5-6 areas), with the true tomb hidden behind a secret door. So a good space for the player characters to defile, er, explore. And, as I've done in a few other stocking exercises, the big-bad may be a threat or potential benefactor, depending on how they are played, and how the party interacts with them. 

Feel free to pay your respects at The Mausoleum of Matias