Thursday, August 30, 2018

A silly character class - The TechnoViking

Sure.  Why not take an 18 year-old meme and class it up in the style of +James West?

The Man, the Myth, the Machine

I mean, how many stat-worthy talents and abilities do we witness within this span of 4 minutes of viral glory?  Stepping up and making some bro back off of a blue haired girl, random dude handing him a water bottle, intimidating some jackoffs, and, of course, bumping and dancing his way through the streets with abandon... All while shirtless, ripped, blond, and wearing a Thor's Hammer pendant.

From a writing perspective, it probably took me as long to make up the level titles as the class itself. And I have a few random Nordic words added to the vocabulary...

And speaking of James- if you haven't checked out his 'Black Pudding' zine, you are missing out on some great art, creativity, and general old-school insanity.  He has collected Volumes #1-4 into a Heavy Helping of fun, and Black Pudding #5 recently hit the virtual shelves...

Happy Labor Day weekend to my fellow Americans.  Get out and play!

Monday, August 20, 2018

Another Dyson map, another story...

... and here we go again with a bit more small dungeon-stocking, this time using Dyson Logos' "Savage Caves" post...

This time I did a bit of picking and choosing with Dyson's narrative.  A group referred to the Saurguard was evocative enough, but I discarded the evil temple bits for hopefully a bit more intrigue.  Are the PC's merely curious, are they searching the ruins with a preconceived agenda, or are they seeking the truth?

Written using S&W stats, with a race/NPC ganked from more recent versions of the game.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Desecrating another of Matt's Maps

So a couple weeks back on G+, Matt Jackson commented that, "...I'm not so creative where words are concerned compared to maps. I could knock out 10 maps in the time it takes me to write one page of text that doesn't suck."

My response: "writing text that doesn't suck has never stopped me..."

So, here ya go - using one of Matt's Patreon rewards maps, a small setting (that may or may not suck) involving taking care of unfinished business in a ruined house and associated cavern. Pray for your cleric...

Map that doesn't suck