Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Copper Dragon Mask

Next in line for something found in +Jim Magnusson's 'Alphabetical Dungeon' project.

What's that, glistening under that rotten pile of owlbear hides?

Day 3 - C is for Copper Dragon Mask.
Harkening to the powers of the copper dragon, a wearer of the mask may either project a line of acid (4d4 damage) or a cloud of slowing gas (save or slow as per spell for 6 combat rounds) once per day.
Wearing the mask comes with a cost, and the bearer becomes cursed with greed.  Each month of owning the mask increases the lure of gold, making the bearer more likely to take foolhardy action in pursuit of wealth, or come into conflict with their colleagues. The mask requires a monthly save or one of the following effects takes place:

1. Character gains a gambling addiction
2. Character attempts to mislead peers in dividing treasure or reward
3. Character attempts to steal an item from another character or npc.
4. Character attempts to cheat another character or npc for an item (misrepresent value, short payment, etc.)
5. Character becomes susceptible to bribes
6. Character attempts to shirk a debt.
7. Character is distracted from a task or quest by the promise or rumor of quick wealth
8. A devout or divine-powered character strays away from their diety or required tithes.

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