Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Campaign Journal: Out On the Town

 Who made it?

  • Rondel - elf
  • Fulvus - halfling
  • Jax - barbarian
  • Slick - Thief
  • Orzu - Illusionist
The session began with a recounting/retromod of the return to Brother Sigeric, since we'd cut off a bit abruptly at the end of the last session. The party returned to the city gates at dusk, talking their way past the guards (plus a minor toll). No questions were asked regarding the lump under the tarp.

The brother was eating dinner, but took a break from his repast to greet the party. He was, understandably, disappointed to hear that he'd been double-crossed by the merchant's guild. Sigeric did honor the professionalism of the surviving mercenaries and promised them safe passage. Likewise, he was happy to receive his wayward scout back, and suggested that the youth had learned an important lesson regarding watching his step. Oh, and Brother Sigeric now owes the party a favor. Something for the party to meditate on.

The party was ready to head back to the inn for their own dinner and celebrations. The Brother offered a couple of youth to take their horses to the stable to save them some steps. The party accepted, although Jax insisted on joining. After all, the party just gained six more horses, and although they have a good relationship with Saint Vivinna's Home for the Wayward, "accidents" do happen.

And so they did...

Outside of the city walls on the way to the stables, and in a conveniently dark location, three individuals stepped from the shadows to inquire if anyone might be hiring out. Jax shrugged and suggested the caravans. The three got a bit closer, looked at her, and said that it would be best that her friends stop looking for barriers out in the wilderness. This put her off a bit. As did one of them trying to hit her with an axe. It was on. Unfortunately, our brave barbarian was a bit on her heels as the second of the three slept most of her companions, and another cast fear on the ever reliable Goober. Dammit.

Oh, and the one dude had a beak, or was is a plague doctor mask? Tough to tell in the dark.

Sunday, December 10, 2023

The Temple of Kalonius

Per my prior campaign journal, I created a temple/tomb for the players to raid and explore. The session was a good opportunity for playtesting the adventure, and I found some weaknesses in the face of my low-mid level party. 

The published version uses the creator's title for the deity, versus one from my campaign pantheon. The areas and foes are written for generic OSR play. Based on the playtest, I added a hazard and stiffened a few of the foes to increase the challenge if things come to blows, as well. 

It was a fun session, with some good problem-solving, hectic combat, and roleplaying. Along with the general chaos that is my group. Hopefully your table will have some fun with it, as well.

Download me here

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Monster: Damned Horses

"Yeah, when the riding animals start fighting, we're in new territory" - Frederick

The party heard the sounds of struggle and battle through the trees. Rushing forward, they glimpsed four mounted warriors in a desperate fight against an unequal number of Chaos mutants, some on foot, some mounted. As they watched, one of the warriors was dragged from his horse and slain.

"Are we heroes today?" "I guess so.."

The skulky characters quickly assessed the scene, fading away to target the apparent leaders of the foes, as the elf and a couple of henchmen readied bows and spells to pick off the soldiers...

Slick and Flick made their ways around the melee, getting into position to shank the Chaos knight on his warhorse. Out of the corner of his eye, Slick saw the robed figure struggling with Frederick as he reappeared. Now! Slick leapt, stabbing between the knight's plate, as his companion flanked from the opposite side. Gravely wounded, the knight reeled in his saddle as his warhorse instinctively wheeled to seek the threat.

Slick looked up to see the horse rear with a horrid scream and glaring red eyes. A pair of iron-shod hooves sprouting what appeared to be rooster spurs came down on him, hard, nearly sending him to the Other Side...

... And that is how my party became aware of the Damned Horses. Like many of their Chaos foes, the horses have also been mutated to become "more perfect" in the eyes of the Maker.
All Damned Horses by Rigardatta

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Campaign Journal: Doing the Job

 Who showed up?

  • Fulvus, halfling
  • Slick, thief
  • Rondel, elf
  • Orzu, gnome illusionist
  • Random hangers-on
Frederick was under the weather, either from some bad eel, or perhaps a questionable tincture he bought from the caravan drover. Jax apparently decided to hang out at the stables.

The remainder of the party assembled for breakfast at the Archer & Chariot, deciding what to do with their day. As they dawdled, Alanso Ngom, the Theocracy military leader walked by with his honor guard. He paused, greeting the party, then asking them more on their thoughts and experiences combatting the twisted Chaos forces in the wilderness. Alanso was concerned that the Tribunal would lean towards becoming insular, rather than pressing battle vs the evil. On the other hand, he still needed to hedge his forces. The Tribunal had received their patrol's report on the forces they encountered but Alanso was curious at to the enemy's motivations. Rondel revealed that he had a charmed individual, who the soldier may be interested in seeing. Rondel led Alanso to his room, where they met Toby, his lobster-claw hands, and his fervent belief in the Great Maker.

'Nuf said, Toby was taken to meet the remainder of the Tribunal. Likewise, they were taken aback by the presence and appearance of the mutant. Toby put on a good show. The Tribunal decided to meditate on witnessing this individual. The Tribunal declared that a Chaos mutant should not be free within the city's walls, charm notwithstanding. Toby was surrendered to the custody of the Theocracy (And Toby was never seen again...).