Wednesday, February 25, 2015


N is for Necropolis:

The necropolis stretches off into the dark. The repository of the dead consists of five rectangular chambers supported by massive stone columns.  Torches and glow-stones cast with continual light illuminate the expanse.  The area is musty with the dead.

Long ago established as hallowed, neutral ground by various groups and factions in dungeon, it holds the dead of conflicts and the hard life of the underground.

halls of the dead
The dead are arrayed according to the respective species and/or beliefs. Bodies here may be buried, mummified, stored in coffins or sarcophagi, stacked in ossuaries, stored in reliquaries or urns, etc. Guard-priests of various races take turns protecting the area from scavengers, both humanoid and animal.  At any time, there will be 6-12 humanoid guards patrolling the area in reverent pairs, silently keeping watch over the fallen.  If raiders appear, the majority will respond, with 2-4 scattering to raise alarm and reinforcements from nearby humanoid populations.  Anyone attacking or scavenging in the area will encourage an retribution attack of temporarily-allied races.

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