Monday, February 16, 2015

Boudoir of the Ogre

Thanks to the inspiration from +Jim Magnusson, a bit of flavor for his 'Alphabetical Dungeon'

Day 2 - B is for Boudoir.

Quick-and-dirty sketch, followed by quick office scan
At the end of a narrow and curving passageway, and behind an iron-banded door, lies the apartment of the Ogre Swabllach and his 'lovely' wife Yusl. The pair have made their hole a home, with a collection of skins and tattered tapestries, consisting of trophies slain or filched from their raids.  On the wall hang artfully displayed skulls, including that of the minotaur who was the former resident of this room.

A pile of loot (kegs of ale, boxes and bags of goods) is arrayed along one wall, and a rough-hewn table and heavy chairs and stools are scattered in an alcove, trenchers and flagons scattered and spilled on its scarred and stained surface.

Behind some heavy curtains raided from a nearby manorhouse is Swabllach's Love Nest - a huge bed built of empty kegs and timbers, covered with furs and blankets.   Particularly unfortunate explorers may burst in on the ogre pair during an intimate moment, leading to a traumatizing combat with a naked, tumescent, very enraged ogre (And the missus will be extremely unhappy, as well...).

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