Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Jacek's Temple

Jacek's Temple was formerly a small subterranean temple/monastery for a failed apocalypse cult (the Great Blerch never showed, the leaders were strung up, and their followers drifted off, disillusioned.)
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The temple is now home to a small orc tribe that patrols this area of the dungeon level.  Their leader, Bas, is a war-weary campaigner (Orc champion: HD 3+1, AC 4/16, Atk 1d10+1 (great maul)). Scarred and wise, he controls his little tribe with a balance of fear and stratagem.  He is accompanied by his mate, Unis, an orc shamaness (HD 2+1, AC 6/13, Atk: 1d6+1 (mace); protection from good, bless).

He is tired of being a pawn of others, and has carved out this little niche for himself and his group.  That said, he isn't above coveting a bit of expansion and elbow room. He will tend to attempt negotiation with parties and raiders, directing them away from his corner of the dungeon, in an attempt to destabilize groups of goblins and bugbear that inhabit nearby areas.

Bas and his guards (1d4+1 orcs, HD 1, AC 6/13, Atk: 1d8 (axe), or 1d6+1 (heavy crossbow)) will be found in the old temple space.  Bas has commandeered the old alter and installed a throne made of skins and broken ox-cart wheels.  The temple has been thoroughly desecrated, with graffiti on the walls, a few broken and scattered pews, and orcish trophies scattered about.

Beyond is a passage to the old monastery, with its monks' cells now converted to orc family-nests and storage - the area is filled with bedding, kegs, looted goods and scattered bones of hunt-prey. The orcs keep a fire going in an old oven for roasting meat.  (20 orcs: 10 male, 6 female, 4 juvenile).

Off the side of the passageway is a secret tomb of one of the apocalypse-cult priests. The orcs are aware of its presence and have looted it, but retreated upon disturbing the sarcophagus because it 'smelled of curse.'  Disturbing the priest's bones will cause a rotting disease to the extremities (save or  lose 1d3 points CON and DEX, cure disease recovers).  The priest was interred with his iron-bound staff (1d6+1 damage). Any lawful/good-aligned cleric taking up the staff will incur their deity's wrath and lose their powers until they can atone (1 level xp/wealth tithed to deity).

A cavern behind the dwelling area contains a desecrated and broken idol, as well as detritus from the tribe. The cavern may also be reached by a secret door behind the temple alter.  A pool of fresh water fills one corner.  There is nothing exceptional about the water, but it is the only source of fresh water in this area of the dungeon, and Bas protects the resource accordingly.

(+JimMagnusson inspired me to this, after I swore I wouldn't do one of those A-to-Z things. Oh well, I'll push this project through ,and leave April for One Page Dungeon designing....)

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