Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Death Whistle

Thanks to the inspiration from +Jim Magnusson, a bit of flavor for his 'Alphabetical Dungeon'

Day 4 - D is for Death Whistle.

A magical relic or device based on the Aztec dual-chambered 'death whistle.'  The whistle was used from both ritual purposes - as to signal a sacrifice (often of a prisoner-slave) or to call the wind god, Ehecatl.

Additionally, Aztec warriors would blow this device while running into battle - the unnerving scream of the whistle meant to disorient and sow fear into enemy ranks.  A single whistle is demonstrated below, with a synthesized mass of whistles at the end of the video:

Death Whistle:

Made of ceramic or carved stone, death whistles may be found among lost barrows and sacrificial sites.

Enchanted with the aura of death absorbed from the pain and suffering of sacrificial victims, these whistles have distilled fear within them...

A blast from this whistle may cause fear 1d4 times per day. When used en masse, each additional whistle will penalize saving throws vs fear by -1.

Because of the whistle's occasional association with wind gods, 1 in 4 whistles will also be able to cause a wind gust once per day, knocking down small creatures, blowing out light sources, blinding and disrupting foes, and negating missile attacks.

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