Tuesday, May 2, 2017

OPD 2017 Runner-up 1 - The Pyramid of Lake D'Juna

I sorta simultaneously worked up three One Page Dungeon contest entries, working from the theory of not getting to wedded to a single idea or conceit in my creative process. The three adventures are different in objective and tone (although there is a little overlap in encounters in two). So they weren't apples-to-apples when I was either writing or choosing my final contestant version.

I'm not sure if it created a better single product in the end, but bonus!, I have two spare dungeons to share.  I was having enough of a challenge to select one of the three, that I put up a vague G+ poll to allow the hoi polloi to assist in my selection process...

No. 1 is the runner up on my poll:  The Pyramid of Lake D'Juna - PCs are quested to recover a relic from a shrine located in a subterranean lake. The Shrine is accessed by two routes, the PCs can select either one, I think the challenges are comparable, but each is unique.  Once they get to the lake there are still a couple of 'environmental' challenges lurking, as well as having to solve a number of riddles to enter and exit the shrine safely....

Map - click to download OPD
One thing that I have to confess is that this is not all-original material - I recycled the "interesting fungus" from my treatment of Dyson's Owen's Mine map (variation 1). So although the rest of the content felt good, having shoehorned in some old content didn't feel quite genuine.

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