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D66 Relics

Relics. Artifacts, bodily remains, sacred ephemera... Often imbued with some divine or mystical power, representative of the relic's original bearer.

The Vendramin Family Venerating a Relic of the True Cross, Titian

Last session, the PCs were granted "Sister Sowena's Fist" a prosthetic gauntlet formerly owned by a crusader, that now is alleged to have the powers to locate restless dead who still keep watch against the forces of Chaos. The Sister's remains, themselves, reside in a coffer and provide protection against incursions. 

Arm reliquiary of the holy Niclas, 1225-1250.

So what relic may a party seek out on purpose, or find via chance? D66 relics, mostly alliterative in name, with a brief description, and a few bonus D6 lists...

D66      Name                                                 Relic
11 Pasqual's Preserved Pointer             Index finger in aquavit
12 St. Soloman's Parched Prepuce     Dried foreskin (3 available)
13 Nebbin's Plated Parietal                     Gilded skullcap
14 Piotr's Petrified Phlange                     Petrified big toe
15 Odo's Ossified Orb                             Eyeball in amber
16 Raffin Trimble's Left Leg             Silver plated halfling femur
21 Sister Bernice's Baleful Bolt             Killing crossbow bolt through vertebrae
22 St. Edmund's Short Sharp Shock     Headsman's axe, blood preserved with shellac
23 Per Naud's Noose                             Frayed hangman's noose
24 Leomund's Lyre                             Harp, missing one string
25 Thedrick's Treasured Teeth             Three molars mounted on an oak plaque
26 Sister Psamate's Prolific Pen             Quill, ever-bleeding
31 Beasley's Beatified Beagle             Taxidermied hound
32 St. Pandarum's Pint                             Beer stein, feels full, but no liquid within
33 Brother Beobund's Briar                     Permanently smoldering pipe
34 Sister Symbala's Shackled Shank     Charred ulna with iron shackle 
35 King Egbert's Defaced Diadem     Bent crown, missing jewels
36 The Diamond of Agon-Ra             Large golden diamond, shadowy figure moving within
41 Old Balreis' Gnarled Talon             Deformed dragon's claw
42 Ser Pounce's Feeling Follicle             Cat's whisker
43 Mother Tisryn Boldboot's Tools     Hammer and chisel
44 Felaern Ravalar's Desecrated Diary Charred, magically locked journal
45 Domon-ra's Dehydrated Dexter     Mummified left hand
46 Kaspar's Cursed Cranium             Head, in anguish, in a glass cube
51 St. Zevon's Penultimate Po'Boy     Uneaten sandwich under glass
52 Brother Boesen's Shattered Snifter     Broken wineglass in wood case
53 Ailluin Valrona's Hallowed Remains Urn of ashes
54 Zarnefrilt Niederholz's Spectacles     Elaborate pair of glasses, cracked lens
55 Dukork's Shiny Rock                     A shiny rock
56 Rashcrown's Blessed Feather             Roc feather
61 Lefty Simmon's Constant Flipper     Lucky coin, flips periodically
62 Toshisane's Contemplative Cypress Ancient bonsai tree
63 Brother Brodersen's Angry Antler     Moose antler, arrayed with bloody velvet
64 Togar Tusk Tusk                             Mammoth tusk, crude scrimshaw figures
65 Gnadi's Inimitable Star-blade             Meteorite-iron dagger
66 Maegwen's Ladle of Love             Wooden spoon, smells of stew and lilac

And what other details may there be to the quest?

D6 What Is Its Power?
1 Curative
2 Communication
3 Martial 
4 Elemental
5 Control
6 None

D6 Where Is It Hidden?
1 Active volcano
2 Dragon's hoard
3 Temple alter
4 Forgotten barrow
5 Elven grove
6 Someone's junk drawer

D6 Sacred Container
1 Silver coffer
2 Funeral urn
3 Rotted casket
4 Gilded glass case
5 Hollowed log
6 Grocery bag

D6 Guardian/Current Owner
1 Militant priests
2 Automaton/golem
3 Dragon 
4 Legendary warrior
5 Secretive cult
6 Angry Jack Russel terrier

D6 Who Else Is Looking For It?
1 Lich
2 Cult of personality
3 Inquisition
4 Mage-alchemist
5 Raving prophet
6 Obsessive collector-gnomes


  1. Great relics + I really like the generalized tables in the second half. The current owner/who else is looking for it pair in particular: great for generating adventure hooks and complications.

    1. Thanks - serendipitous meeting of themes between our two blogs!