Sunday, May 7, 2017

One Post-It Dungeon

Found this on the table a couple of days ago - an ink doodle left by the kid or one of her friends:

It looked like somewhere, to me...

The Iqaiga Atoll is found out in the Southern Sea, past the Doldrums, and the last stop (if they can be found) before sea explorers cross the Great Deep to the Austral Lands...

The atoll is the last chance to refresh water before the long trek farther south, from small springs and rainwater catchments on the larger islands.  Additionally, some game and limited vegetable food may be foraged to ward off the effects of scurvy prior to the final long push south.

The outer islands of the atoll (red outlines) are the remains of a volcanic seamount, typified by basalt cliffs and black sand beaches.  The inner islands are the spines of submerged reefs that fill the former caldera.  Interesting sealife has been drawn to the reef, with its healthy habitat and nutrient-rich waters.

Mer-folk hold the northern islands. Reticent and reclusive, they are mostly glimpsed watching a ship anchor at the atoll from afar.  However, they are not above charming and drowning an errant sailor who strays too far from landing parties.

The mer-folk skirmish with sahuagin who encroach along the southern edge of the atoll, competing for the sparse island territory.  The sahuagin are not as retiring as the mer-folk, and have been known to attack an anchored ship, particularly at night.

Prehistoric beasts, including a variety of Dilophosaurus, live on the northeast island feeding on a variety of prey, including birds and fish from the shallows. The Dilophosaurus are stunted, a result of island dwarfism.  Unfortunately, the rats that they feed on suffer island gigantism. Winged reptiles patrol the skies around the atoll.

Caves within the northeast island contain obscure volcanic crystals that have value as foci for wands, particularly those involved manipulation of reality or time.  The crystals are found in crevices within still-steaming volcanic vents.  Although there is no chance of eruption, the vents release scalding steam and asphyxiating gasses, making any attempt to recover a few of the crystals a very hazardous affair.

The inner atoll is hazardous to pass through, and many ships are found rotting here, their crews long gone - preyed upon by the 'natives' or otherwise succumbed to elements and depredations.  It is best to circumnavigate the shoals and atoll with a ship and explore the inner atoll independently with small boats and landing parties, if at all.  Limited valuables reward parties who send longboats and divers to explore the atolls and wrecks.  Hazards include becoming trapped in the submerged hulks, toothy and tentacled fauna, patrolling/raiding sahuagin, undead accursed sailors, and the like....

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