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D66 Afterlife Experiences

Well, it happened. One too many blows from the foe, that unseen spear trap, a venomous bite. Your PC is is no more, has ceased to be, is expired and gone to meet his maker, etc.

So what did your PC experience while they waited for their companions to drag their stiffening body back to town and pool enough coin to have them raised?  

Sir Olaf and the Underworld, by Kay Nielsen

D66 Things Your PC Experienced While They Were Dead

D66  Shit, I'm Dead!
11     Tasted ambrosia. All food now tasted like ash.
12     Bickering angels.
13     All of their dead pets.
14     Disappointed ancestors.
15     Screaming. So much screaming.
16     The music of the spheres.
21     One moment of perfect beauty.
22     Naught but the Void.
23     Reboot of the simulation.
24     Looking up at six people around a table.
25     Dude pushing a big rock.
26     Ghosts bumming for change at the Styx.
31     Fiery horses chasing ghostly steers.
32     Dueling harps.
33     Viking party!
34     Line of souls waiting on the rebirth application process.
35     Haunting lessons.
36     Dead rockers jamming.
41     Endless gray plains.
42     Infinite roulette wheels constantly spinning,
43     Three chicks with a spinning wheel, tape measure, and scissors.
44     Anubis weighing hearts.
45     Dead-rights picketers and pamphleteers.
46     Various death gods playing lots for souls.
51     Massive tree boughs holding up the heavens.
52     How did those Mormon missionaries get in here?
53     At least there are no lawyers...
54     Great birds carrying souls toward the dawn.
55     Only 71 virgins.
56     A great serpent constricting the world.
61     Forgotten gods panhandling for worshipers.
62     Cerberus and the Black Dog playing tug-of-war with souls.
63     Poppies everywhere.
64     Great infinite cliffs into the clouds, speck of souls seen climbing.
65     Chaotic funhouse. Clowns everywhere.
66     Eternal bouncers and a red velvet rope.

Playthings of Eternity, by Cardwell Higgins

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