Wednesday, May 3, 2017

OPD 2017 Runner-up 2 - The Forest of the Shrike

Per my previous post, this is adventure 3 of 3 in my attempts at coming up with a serviceable One Page Dungeon contest entry.  This is actually the first of my three drafts, something that had been rattling about in my head for a bit.  My intent was to take a familiar undead monster, but to reskin it to make it much more dangerous and challenging due to a hidden resource.  I think that, although the idea was sound, that the scenario overall didn't have quite enough depth to really create an evocative environment, even with the 'butcher bird' imagery. That said, this idea is something I may return to/refine at some other time - I think that the idea of a hidden resource or link is a good theme.

Runner-up 2 - The Forest of the Shrike.

Map - Click for adventure download
A similar-appearing wraith (though differently-powered, and slightly sillier) shows up in my final entry, and the map has similar layout (I think this one turned out a touch better).  Oh, the Clockwork Knight also shows up, as does the druid that is referenced in this adventure, but who I had to cut due to space and overpowered magic concerns. 

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