Sunday, April 30, 2017

OPD 2017 - "You have acquired the deed to a ruined tower..."

In spite of having to overcome insurmountable obstacles between me and my drawing tools...

and simultaneously writing three competing dungeons over the last couple of weeks (leading me to put up a poll on G+ to help in my selection process), I sent in my One Page Dungeon entry this afternoon. 

Donjon's Random Pickpocket Loot generator (among others) will occasionally spit out, among the small coins, sets of false teeth, and "blob of iron" is the "Deed to a ruined tower." I always thought it was a bit of an evocative device, ripe for a side adventure, or for use as a base for clearing an area and carving out one's own place in the world.

So I wrote one up this year. Come on down and meet the neighbors.

Download link

I'll post the runners-up over the next couple of days.

Still not helping...


  1. Congratulations on your win in the One Page Dungeon Contest 2017. Well deserved.

    1. Thank you! Max the cat and I put forth our best efforts!