Friday, March 13, 2015

X: Xeric Blast

Geh - missed a day or so - i'll finish this exercise this weekend.
Work is overwhelming, plus I couldn't think of anything for X - I suck.

Wand of Xeric Blast

Appearing to be nothing more than a desiccated stick wrapped with some crumbling, poorly tanned leather.  However, the 'stick' emanates magic, and, upon closer examination, is found to be a wand.

A blast from this wand is sufficient to reduce some creatures to desiccated husks, if not to outright piles of dust. A found wand will have 2d12 charges remaining.

Xeric Blast:
3rd level MU spell (necromantic/elementalist).
Range: 60 feet
Target: single (wand allows for multiple (up to four) targets within a 15' circle)
Duration: instantaneous

Desiccates a foe by literally ripping the water from their body.  Cells hemorrhage and mists rise from the target in excruciating, massive dehydration.  The target withers and sufficient damage may cause the body to crumble.  Damage caused is 1d4 x the level of the caster (wand acts as 6th level caster, or DM discretion).  Additionally, the target must save or lose 1d3 CON points (permanent) due to system shock.

A target killed by xeric blast has a 10% chance of arising as an undead 'Salt Mummy' that seeks moisture: (HD 4, AC 6/14, Atk; 1d6+1d3 CON damage [dehydration, temporary if target drinks 1 qt water per pt of COM loss within 1 hour], move 6, save 14, Resistances: Magic weapon to hit)

Stone or earth-based creatures (golems, earth elementals, xorn, etc.) are not affected by this spell. Water-based or protoplasmic creatures (water elementals, oozes, gelatinous cubes) lose their consistency and composition and must save or take double damage from this spell.


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