Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Quartet in Brown.

Day Q: The Quartet in Brown

Deep at the end of a tortuous cavern, the party will come upon a hooded figure, robed in brown. As they approach, any light sources, whether mundane or magical, fade and extinguish.  A single candle flickers in a niche in the cavern wall, barely illuminating the figure.  His(?) robe is tattered and many-layered, the being beneath shrouded. Somehow, this meditative figure has remained unmolested by the denizens of the dungeon, whether evil, predator, or mindless.  The figure will not respond to questioning, and exudes a sense of peace.  After a few moments, he will push a small begging bowl from beneath his robe toward the party.

Once the party puts an offering in the bowl, whether a few coins, some rations, or some other trinket, the being will withdraw the bowl, and begin to hum.  The party will realize that three other similarly-garbed beings now surround them, as they begin to hum and chant in an unknown tongue.  The candle brightens, pulsing to the song. An overwhelming sense of peace and beauty washes over the party. At the end of the song, the candle extinguishes, the accompanying trio vanishes, and the being is found to be nothing but a pile of rags.

The lanterns and torches spontaneously relight.

Possible random outcomes of witnessing such an event:
1. All HP damage instantly healed, and PC gains 1d4 HP permanently.
2. Becomes pacifist, gives up on all this adventuring nonsense and wanders the land as an ascetic.
3. Becomes despondent that this moment will never be repeated. Personality becomes morose, as someone who has lost an invaluable object.
4. Gains 1d4 WIS.
5. Regardless of class, the song has released a bit of divine connection in the PC's soul.  PC gains one 1st or 2nd cleric spell per day.
6. Becomes enamored with beauty. Spends any wealth gained on art objects and music.
7. Remembers a snippet of the song. Singing it will have the the effect of Protection from Evil, 10 ft. Radius, once per day.
8. Becomes hopeless romantic, finding love in every girl's and/or guy's smile.
9. Becomes insufferable critic and one-upsman. "Worst-dungeon-ever!" "I was using 10-foot poles before they were cool."
10. Hmm, nice tune. When do we eat?

Totally ganked from this scene

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