Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Pool of the Naga

P is for Pool of the Naga

Deep in a cavern pool, eerily lit by odd, blue-flamed braziers, luminous fungi and phosphorescence, lives the water naga, Raeda.  The pool bubbles up from a a hidden spring, and flows from the room via a submerged outlet. A few cushions and other luxuries have somehow been dragged here, and line ledges within the room.

Raeda has retreated here from some forgotten conflict.  After all this time, she can't quite recall what the whole kerfuffle was about, and stays more from inertia and an acquired bit of agoraphobia.  She is old and wise, but a bit bored...

She'll trade riddles with adventurers, and ask for gossip from the world above.  For a suitable valued gem, she'll answer a few questions about the level.  Anyone who shares a delicacy with her will gain her favor, and she will return the gift of a scroll containing 1-2 1st-3rd level MU spells.

If the party appears to be suitably interesting there is a 25% chance that she attempt to charm the party in order to keep them around.  She will detain parties who she finds entertaining, freeing them of her grasp once they run out of jokes or tales of past exploits.  There will be a 50% chance that 2-5 charmed adventurers or similar present. If the party defends itself with violence, she will extinguish the braziers with a flick of her wrist, cast shield or protection from missiles, and disappear beneath the water.

(Update - now with crappy map)


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