Saturday, March 7, 2015

Turbulent tunnels


1. Howling winds, 75% chance to extinguish torch, 50% chance to extinguish lantern, hats lost, loosely held scrolls or maps flutter off.
2. Screaming ghosts - despondent undead, generally harmless, however, party deafened for 1d4 turns, unable to communicate vocally, vocal spells impossible, warns any critters in the area.
3. Inundation: water floods the passageway. 1-2) ankle deep; 3-6) knee deep; 7-9) waist deep; 10) neck deep. 50% chance that knee deep or deeper water contains bitey critter(s).
4. Tumbling tunnel - passageway 1-3) shakes, as if by earthquake (50% chance of stonework falling for 2d6 dmg); 4-5) spins 90 degrees; 6) rotates downward 90 degrees, turning tunnel into shaft (1d6 dmg per 10' fallen).
5. Transparent - suspended over apparently bottomless chasm - save or terrifying vertigo
6. Gelatinous cube, feeding on luminous dungeon geckos (also slow and languid). (contains dwarf-sized chainmail, +1 battleaxe, potion of spider climb, crystal skull [50 GP], and 320 SP scattered throughout)


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