Thursday, March 5, 2015

Ratling warren

Ratlings R' in yer dungeon

Downbelow, in the part of the dungeon where the offal and runoff from the upper levels collects and stews, the ratling warren subsists on the leavings of the dwellers above.  Seemingly pathetic when met alone, the cringing, pleading creature becomes belligerent and aggressive when backed by a swarm of his colleagues. And that, indeed is what they are, flooding from warren-holes, passable only by rat-folk or similar small humanoids.  An unwary group will soon find themselves surrounded and overrun by gnashing teeth and flashing blades.

Adventurers may note the distinct lack of kobolds in this region. The ratlings learned many tricks from the crafty little scale-dogs, and finally bested them at their game.  Treacherous, maiming traps, meant to attrit rather than kill, line the tunnels at the edges of the ratling domain. Murder-holes spew fire or quarrels. Tortuous tunnels allow for doubling back and flanking counter-attacks.

The ratlings have recently been co-opted by a were-rat skald, who has charmed them with his tales of sewers of the great cities, and of their destiny away from this remote, dank place, to a new, urban, dank place, where they may flourish.  To this end, they have been preparing for this endeavor by expanding their territory, displacing or killing seemingly more powerful neighbors in the dungeon.

The skald uses both his natural influence over rats and his lyrical storytelling to lead and influence his rodent thralls. One day he will return to his city, leading his warband, and displace those who believed they had made the sewers safe from subterranean threats.  They are becoming stronger, but it is not yet time.  He paces in his quarters, impatient.

Thanks, +Jim Magnusson 

 Were-rat Skald: (HD 3; AC 6/13; Atk 1 bite (1d3), Short sword+1, +2 vs. reptiles; Move 12; Save 14; AL C; CL/XP 4/120; Special: Lycanthropy, control rats, surprise, hit only by magic or silver weapons. Skills as Thief 3. Lyric-song - acts as charm while chanted or increases morale of allies by +2 . May also be used to implant certain trigger words into a recipient's subconscious, allowing later influence or to initiate actions.

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