Friday, March 6, 2015

Scarf of the Danse

S is for: Scarf of the Danse

Found among the detritus of a goblin's pantry, what appears to be a filthy, silken rag, with a few tarnished coins stitched into its hem becomes much more upon a cleaning...

The peripatetic dancer-thief priestesses of Izenda moved among the courts of the Old Kingdom, occupying themselves with intrigues, the filching of valuables, and malicious trickery.

Beautiful and mysterious (aren't they all?) the dancers were adept thieves who amplified their already-impressive skills and coercions through the enchantments of their dancing-scarves.

The scarves allowed them to beguile their victims, as well as improve their chances to make off with a valuable bauble, battle plan, or escape pursuit.

Scarf of the Danse: Allows user to charm 1d6 targets  for the duration that the user is dancing.  Wearer becomes particularly light on their feet, adds 5% bonus to any thief's climbing or move silently skills.  A non-thief character will be able to practice these skills as a 3rd-level thief equivalent.  If the scarf is worn as a veil, the wearer will become hazy and slightly displaced to a viewer, adding a +10% to hiding in shadows attempts, and to hit a wearer is penalized at -2.

However, the scarf must be kept spotless in order to perform its enchantments.  Spillage or staining of the scarf will render it ineffective, a fact known by certain advisers and guards, who were wise to the wiles of the priestess-thieves. Hence, the questionable tradition of throwing wine upon court dancers in some duchys. The scarf will still emit a magical aura, but its powers will be muted until it may be washed and restored.


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