Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Washrooms of the Troglodytes

W - Dungeon washrooms of a race not expected to be fastidious.

Little is it known, but the notorious stench of the troglodyte is maintained only through disciplined hygiene and ritual. Troglodytes emit their distinctive musk though glands at the base of their tails.  If they stray away from water bodies or baths for too long, the glands may become blocked, and the stench decreases.  So much so, that opponents may receive a bonus save, or the effects of the stench are for a much shorter duration. Likewise, a troglodyte warrior will lose status if he is not able to keep clean, and therefore emanate his stink within the clutch or battle-band.

Therefore, the troglodytes maintain secret baths in their underground lairs.  This is not commonly known, and, according to some, may actually be a bit of a racial embarrassment...

babies in the bathwater
A bath will consist of several stone-lined, interconnected pools fed by a diverted subterranean stream or spring. The troglodytes bathe in order of status, highest to lowest, the lower-status individual washing in the effluvia of their betters.  The warbands reinforce bonds in this way, where the symbolic runoff from the baths both cleanses the warriors, as well as reinforces the 'aroma of the clutch' through the intermingling of bath waters. Group bathing takes place, with the individuals emitting a sonorous, subsonic hum, much deeper-toned than their usual draconic chatter.  Carved fetishes in the shapes of spiders, rats, and lizards are floated in the baths, and sponges or bound bunches of rushes tossed back and forth for scrubbing.
Linked Inca baths at Phuyupatamarca
A bathmaster keeps some semblance of order. This rotating position is one if the few that may come from any level of hierarchy, and the bathmaster reigns within the baths, wielding a symbolic sponge-headed javelin, keeping the chaos to a manageable level, and assuring that all may bathe in their appropriate rank. Even if the bathmaster is of the lower caste, he minds his authority, for the position will pass from his claws to the next master soon.

Inca baths at Tambomachay

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