Monday, March 16, 2015

Random Armory

Was compiling my Alphabet Dungeon entries for later use, and realized I'd begun on Day 2: B.  Doh. Never claimed I was smrt.

So, a quick Armory, with a handful of oddities. Collected here are weapons used by the dungeon dweller patrols, as well as implements and protection scavenged from kills of less-fortunate foes and explorers.

In general, mundane weapons and armor will be in four qualities: 30%  unusable or broken, 25% poor quality, 40% good/normal quality, 5% exceptional quality.  For any available weaponry and armor, 55%  human sized, 25% oversized, 20% undersized.

There will be 2d4 swords, 2d6 axes, 2d8 blunt weapons, 2d10 bows and crossbows, and 2d12 javelins, spears and polearms.  There will be 1d4 heavy armor, 1d6 medium armor, 1d8 light armor, and 1d10 shields.


Random Weaponry:

1. Two wickedly serrated short swords, +1 damage from jagged wounds.
2. Boar spear, encrusted with dried blood. One crossbar broken, the other bent, note tied to shaft says, "hang with owlbear head in hall. RIP Undrak."
3. Three crossbow bolts, close examination will reveal glass capsules embedded in the shaft.  Poison-filled (save or die)
4. Punch-dagger, +1 to hit vs armored opponents, can't be fumbled.
5. Two-bladed sword-breaker dagger - if used to parry treat as AC+1, breaks or disarms opponent's weapon
6. Greataxe with blades at either end of shaft. Requires STR of 15+ to wield without penalty. STR of 18+ may strike twice per round.
7. Rack of large, apparently custom-made polearms. Heavy, scratched shafts indicate that the wielders were not human.
8. Lance with tattered battle-pennant.  Provides a clue to the fate of a regional noble who led an expedition against gnoll slavers.  Return of the pennant to his heirs will grant the bearer a boon.
9. A FN FAL assault rifle with two loaded 20-round box magazines.
10. Bronze short sword with "Come and take them" engraved into the blade.
11. Softly glowing warhammer. Hits cause 1d4 extra burn damage. Critical fumble causes random mutation in user.
12. Light crossbow with several names scratched in the stock. The last name belongs to one of the PCs.

Random Armor:
1. Oversized banded mail - banding is heavy, pitted. appears to be composed of iron from wagon wheel rims
2. Leather stitched with copper and silver coins - value 50 GP, 50% heavier than normal studded, similar protection
3. Breastplate of bones stitched together with leather thongs (wearable by druids, AC as ring mail. Will disintegrate after 4 hits).
4. Bronze greaves, etched in elvish, "The Dy'hini stand their ground" (+1 vs fear effects)
5. Long reinforced leather coat (AC as leather), lined with silver wires. Wearer may add 1d6 dmg by an electrical attack through a conductive weapon.  Likewise, any hit by a conductive weapon will cause 1d4 damage to the attacker. Powered by alchemical cells. 2d6 charges remain.
6. Corroded bronze breastplate. Anyone donning this armor without cleaning it thoroughly will take 1d8 acid damage (residual from a recent pudding attack)
7. Retiarius arm and shoulder armor - engraved with the name of a famous gladiator. Worth 150GP to a collector.
8. A fine set of chainmail, appears to be mithril or similar. Cursed (negates/reverses effects of any other worn or carried magic items)
9. Two lantern-shields. Round steel medium shields with a small lantern in the center.
10. Threax-styled full helm.  In place of a crest is a small birdcage, useful for housing a canary or similar small creature to warn of bad air.
11. Lightly scorched set of ring mail. Smells slightly of sulfur.
12. Plate armor composed of carapace sections from some large arthropod.  Carapace is ridged and spiky. Arm rerebraces will need to be modified, as they appear to be for a being with extra arm joints.

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