Tuesday, March 24, 2015

David Trampier, one year gone

Saw on another blog or two that it was the one-year anniversary of David Trampier's passing.

His art stood out, along with Otus, Willingham, and Dee, as the definitive D&D art, providing illustrations for my imagination.

His adventurers were not heroes, but hardscrabble explorers and scavengers and looters,

 dealing with the mystery and horrors of the dark,

unbowed, and in some ways, unfazed...

Anyway, safe travels, Dave.

*Edit - images corrected based on comment - below - the dwarves encountering the magic mouth illustration is not Trampier, but David Sutherland.


  1. 2nd pic is by Dave Sutherland, but I still love DAT! (& DCS)

    1. doh! - I'll have to correct that. Thanks for the catch.