Monday, July 30, 2018

Henry Justice Ford Monster Manual Project - The Yellow Dwarf

Last(?) contribution to the project.  I think....  A feline-riding fiend that will raid your mage's kit....
"The Yellow Dwarf […] set spurs to his cat, which yelled horribly."
Yellow Dwarf
Armour class: As plate
Hit dice: 3
Move: walk/run, medium to fast
Attacks: "sword," as dagger (1d4)
No. Appearing: 1
Morale: 8
Treasure: 70-100 gp, gems worth 20-200 gp, 50% chance of magical components or minor item
Alignment: Chaotic
Special: Silver or magic weapons to hit, Spells

Not specifically a 'dwarf' by the common understanding, this yellow-skinned fey is more closely related to more malevolent kin as pixies and redcaps.  Wearing a metallic cap and fey-crafted armor, they are immune to mundane weapons, requiring magical or silver weapons to do them harm.

The minuscule miscreants are drawn to arcane magic, and will raid unsecured magical workshops or wizards' studies, stealing rare magical components and small magical items (up to wand-sized).  If caught, they will disappear into a smoky cloud or via some other illusionist subterfuge.

The dwarf may cast three spell per day from the following list: Invisibility, Mirror Image, Phantasmal Force, Protection from Good, Pyrotechnics, and a weak version of Prismatic Spray (30' range;1d6 damage effects, no save; paralysis and blindness last 1d6 rounds if failed save).

The dwarf will press a black cat into service as a mount, luring the cat out of hiding with promises of stinky, oily fish, then capturing it with a cat-sized magic bridle and bit. The cat will typically be ridden to exhaustion on whatever mischievous mission that the dwarf has undertaken. The dusty and disheveled cat may eventually return home, smelling of smoke and dust. The poor creatures are often driven from their homes, under the belief that they have been tainted by the fey.

"The princess sees the yellow dwarf for the first time."
Written for Eric Nieudan’s The Henry Justice Ford Monster Manual Project. This monster ('Yellow Dwarf') is released under this license

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