Saturday, July 28, 2018

Guimond's Tower and the Lair of the Druid Lich - Another Dyson Desecration

Another of Dyson's creations filled and fleshed out.  I'll often disregard Dyson's brief descriptive narrative that he includes with his maps, but this one called for a direct translation and populating.  I mean, liches are bad enough, but add a wildshaped druid to the mix? 

And what hangs out in his proximity to harry and wear down the party as they search out the lich's lair for whatever end-game that they pursue?

Built out using Sword's & Wizardry, but easily bent to your favorite rule-set...

This is the first time I've crafted up a high level/final boss-style big-bad, so I'd be happy to get feedback/suggestions on rounding him out. 


  1. I like! What scale are you using for your outdoor maps? ("animals within 1 hex...")

    1. Thanks, and Hi! I'd assume 'normal' hex size of six miles.