Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Mucous dragon

This is Ella (the other cat in the house who isn't Max).  Yes, she looks all sweet and innocent.  Yes, she's being cute here.  Yes, she's baby-seal soft and cuddly (on her terms, she is a cat, after all).

Don't let that fool you.

Because, as far as we can tell, this cat's skull cavity consists of a mucous gland.  We've seen vets, given her different medications, experimented with diet and supplements.  Nope - this is Snotcat. It's chronic as far as we can tell.  I suspect she has a cat allergy.  However, we have found citrus-based cleaners to be most effective at removing cat snot from various surfaces.

Unfortunately, she also has the tendency to sleep on my head.  Which means I occasionally get sneezed on in the middle of the night, necessitating a clean pillowcase.

"Worst breath weapon ever," said the wife.  Yup...

The Mucous Dragon:

Living in the dark, humid subterranean places, the mucous dragon may appear to be a stunted, malformed relative to its more graceful and intimidating brethren. Pudgy, with blunt, webbed toes, it looks like it should be lazing in a pool somewhere. The dragon is sheathed in a opalescent, almost translucent hide, typical for its lightless, subterranean environs.  Bulbous eyes regard interlopers into its lair, and over-sized nostrils dominate its snout.

Lovely critter by the wife - contact me for your critter illustration needs

The mucous dragon appears ungainly, until it slithers off its perch or hoard-pile, or suddenly climbs, gecko-like across the walls and roof of its lair. The awkward appearance belies a serpentine grace, with the dragon striking quickly, lunging towards its unsuspecting targets ...

Where the usual dragon has its breath weapon, the mucous dragon has, well, a sneeze weapon to immobilize its prey/foes. Expelling a thick mucous gout from its snout in a 30' line, or 15' diameter cone, the mucous dragon targets either the apparent strongest fighter or mage with its viscous weapon. Stricken targets are immobilized, similar to a web spell.

Once "webbed," the target requires 1 combat round per dragon HD to break though the snot (-1 round/STR bonus, minimum 1 round).  As a viscous fluid, it cannot be burned or cut. The sticky residue requires a saving throw or the target takes a -1 DEX penalty until the mucous dissipates (1 hour or removed with a citrus-based cleaner).  There is also a 5% chance that the target will contract "dragon flu" (1d6 days of serious congestion and eye goobers: -1 to CON-based saves and to-hit rolls).

Because the dragons tend to inhabit the fungal depths of the underground, there is a 30% chance to encounter shriekers (attuned to dragon's presence) within or surrounding the dragon's lair, and a 15% chance to encounter myconids allied with or at least amicable toward the dragon. Many of the fungi associated with the dragons may secrete digestive acids, which the dragons are generally immune to (1/2 damage from acid attacks).

Mucous Dragon: HD 4 to 6, AC 4/15, ATK 2 claws (1d6 per); or 1 bite (2d6), Mv 12 (9 climbing), Special: Spider-climb, mucous 'breath' weapon, acid resistance, 40% chance of language. A dragon with language abilities has an additional 10% chance to cast 1d3 1st level magic user spells.

Updated 9/17/19 to include spellcasting, acid resistance.

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