Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April A-Z Challenge, the preemptive version, or, phoning it in this month.

OK, so I've never quite done things in the right order, or with the cool kids, or whatever.

So when +Jim Magnusson suggested an A to Z dungeon project back in February, I said to myself, "Why not?"

So without any real planning or intent, I gamely hammered out my 26 entries - rooms, critters, magic items, and NPCs in, roughly, a month. I don't recommend this methodology.

So here they are, for anyone who happens upon this page...and wants to save the effort of waiting for the next 30 days to see how it all pans out...

B - Boudoir of the Ogre
C - Copper Dragon Mask
D - Death Whistle
E - Exits
F - Forge of the Forgotten Dwarves
G - Graymalkin
H - Hegemonic Ooze
I _ Ilanuran Ibis
J - Jasek's Temple
K - Karst Caverns
L - Lost Tomes
M - Myconid Colony
N - Necropolis
O - Oubliette
P - Pool of the Naga
Q - Quartet in Brown
R - Ratling Warren
S - Scarf of the Danse
T - Turbulent Tunnels
U - Under-Druids
V - Lernys' Veranda
W - Washroom of the Troglodyets
X - Wand of Xeric Blast
Y&Z ( I cheated a little) - Yellow Coliseum/Zirconium Throne
A - (oops- forgot to do A, so here it is at the end...) - Random Armory

Happy April!

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