Monday, April 6, 2015

Random Magic: Kieli's Karttagrafik Curse

Kieli's Karttagrafik Curse:

Ah, to be guileful, never misdirected or lost.  Your mapping skills would be flawless, never wavering, nor confused by tortuous underworld pathways. As an adventurer and explorer, how you prayed for such skills as you desperately tried to backtrack out of a maze before the torches guttered out, or to cross the wastes before the last waterskin was drained.

So when you happened upon that genie, and a wish was proffered, you knew what to request. Lesser adventurers may ask for a life of leisure, or untold riches, but for you, the quest has always been the greatest reward.

And after all, the wish was granted, that you would always have a map in your head.  But as with any wish, specificity is highly advised.


"Where are we?"
"I dunno."
"Say 'ah'."
"Ugh, not again.  AHHHH...."
"Ye gods! What have you been eating? Orc ass?"
"Thutup! Just sketch."

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