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Caleb's Point

Caleb's Point is a hamlet crouching on three islands at the eponymously-named point.  No one recalls who Caleb was - if he discovered this place, if he lived here, or perhaps died here.

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The Point, and its small fortifications, marks and protects the western side of the inlet to the Nimos Passage through a coastal archipelago. The three rocky islands house a small garrison, as well as a tight community of locals who ply the straits outside the passageway and trade with ships entering and exiting the Passage.  Several small docks jut from the three islands.  The docks are generally too small for large sea-going vessels, but support smaller coastal trade vessels and fishing boats.

The Point is recognized for its three towers - a stout barbican, a taller lighthouse, and a guard tower overlooking the Passage itself.

Approximately 95 permanent residents inhabit the islands and immediate area outside of the barbican.

The barbican protects the landward entry to the islands and anchors the two bridges to the North and South islands.  Guards will inspect loads in and out of the island for contraband, and merchant wagons passing through to load or offload at the docks are levied a small tax.  In times of danger, a heavy portcullis drops over the main gate and is secured against lifting in the overhead tower.

A herbalist, his wife, and three children live in a house and farm just outside the barbican (260 sp, leather and shield, spear/dagger).  They have an extensive herb and vegetable garden, and provide their neighbors with the produce, as well as selling to boats that dock at the islands. A number of the herbs and infusions for sale have beneficial properties.

North Island:

Caleb's Watch ("The Candle") - This lighthouse marks the west side of the Nimos Passage.  It is the oldest structure on the islands, and has kept the passage safe for several generations. The upper portion of the lighthouse is soot-blackened from when a fire was maintained on the tower as a signal. It is now equipped with a large oil-filled lantern and is always by manned by at least two crewmen who are tasked with keeping the lantern alight and polishing the mirrors and panes of the lighthouse.

Six houses and barracks along the north side of the island of house the guard and lighthouse crews of 40 total, along with their various spouses and children.

(34 soldiers/crew - Studded leather, lt crossbow and short sword or spear and axe, Three 2nd level Sergeants - chain and longsword, One 4th level Captain - chain, longbow, longsword, Ring of Protection +1). (283 gp in payroll chest/106 gp personal, pewter flute (140 gp), fine spyglass (1000 gp))

Inn: The Archer and Candle (named after the nicknames for the two island towers):  The innkeeper is a cheerful man named Cyne. He is a retired soldier (3rd level fighter), and keeps his old weapons in a secured locker behind the bar (Ring mail, shield +1, longsword, handaxe). The inn is a two-story timber and brick building, with a slate roof. Accommodations consist of several small rooms with beds and woolen or straw mattresses. The specialty of the house is Salted Shark and Lentils. He is assisted by his wife, son, and two servants.  An attached stable tends to visitor's rides, and occasionally provides sleeping quarters for destitute travelers. (92 gp, 276 sp, agate earring (13 gp), onyx earring (40 gp), set of crystal glasses and decanter (90 gp)). 1d4 potential hirelings may be present at any time passing through the inn.

Leathercrafter: Syad, another retired trooper (2nd level fighter, leather, lt crossbow, dagger), repairs armor and makes leather goods at a small shop near the barracks.  He will have a few pieces of leather armor, as well as a few backpacks, bags, belts, and tack for sale.  He repairs leather or leather-backed armor for 1/4 the price of new armor.  (85 gp, 100 sp, carved amber walrus (70 gp))

Clergy:  Thamimor: 1/2 elven 3rd level Cleric (Leather/Mace/sling. detect magic, purify food and drink ).  He is an adherent to Tohac, a lawful god of fire and rebirth. Thamimor feels a sense of guilt for the Chaotic and finds himself morally obligated to help or convert them them if he can. He is assisted by a temple acolyte (1st level cleric, leather/club). The small temple holds 120 sp in the offering box, and a worked silver reliquary with the purported remains (mummified hand) of one of Tohac's early disciples (300 gp).  Thamimor has taken a vow of poverty, but does wear a keepsake amber necklace worth 8 gp. His acolyte has not (90 gp, 140 sp, Fire opal ring (80 gp)).

South Island:

Tass' Tower ("The Archer") - This stone tower guards the west side of the inlet to Nimos Passage. A catapult and ballista are crewed on the top of the tower.

Fishermen: An extended family of fishermen (10 people), have a small fleet of boats to ply the shallow sea outside the passageway.  They sell fresh, smoked, and dried fish to the community and to passing ships. They may be willing to transport people into the passage if they are carrying a load of fish for trade in the Inner Passage.  (825 sp, box filled with pearls (60 gp), two vials of antitoxin for poisonous fish stings).

Ropemaker/netmender: Garad: Along with his wife and two children, repair the fishermen's nets, as well as provide minor repair services for watercraft docking at the Point. (90 gp, Blue quartz gem (13 gp))

Baker: Garem (twin brother of Garad): Has a fair selection of soft and hard breads for locals and travelers. A local delicacy is his herb and fish loaf.  In the evenings, his lute and his wife's singing is often heard on the island. (26 gp, masterwork lute (100 gp))

West Island:

Lord Holden Dyss (5th level fighter: chain, Sword+1 (frost: extra 1d6 points of cold damage on a successful hit), lt crossbow), occupies the lightly-fortified stone manorhouse on West island with his wife and four children.  His family has owned and administered the lands around the Point for multiple generations.  He leads the militia and takes the role very seriously.  However, his loyalty as thane to the local Duke has been questioned, and he is working to regain face.  (309 gp, 907 sp, jewelry worth 1100 gp, one potion of cure light wounds)

Other houses on the island are occupied by his four servants (160 sp total, however, one servant has pinched a sapphire worth 130 gp from Dyss - she is eager to pawn it off to a traveler, or perhaps hitch a ride a make her escape), and five personal guard (ring mail, longsword, dagger) (total 311 sp, 3 flasks of holy water, one potion of cure moderate wounds)

Typically 1-3 additional small ships are docked in harbor. They will be a combination of small merchantmen supplying the islands, longboats, and fishing craft.  It is often possible to hitch a ride into the Passage or outward along the coast.

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