Saturday, March 16, 2019

Gothridge Manor's Macceum Sewer re-filled!

March, it's zine-tastic!

Just received Tim Short's most recent mini adventure, "Macceum Sewer," in pdf and dead tree versions. Tim, in his version, specifically laid out an area with no real history or objectives, created from a number of random table resources Tim had at hand.  The adventure is populated with a fine selection of sewer denizens, and what treasure or items that may be found in the halls and rooms acts more as seeds for further adventures than goals within themselves...  All and all a good little side-trek.

Support Tim's Patreon if you want to find some cool hand-drawn mini-adventures and eccentric NPCs in your mailbox...

So yeah, random.  While I rarely go for the full-random mode, I've often used the random dungeon room stocking table out of B/X (original below) to at least get a first-cut at what's each room's theme before I start writing.

I'll shift things around and fudge as needed if I feel a space really needs a monster or something interesting to move whatever theme or narrative I might be scratching together.

And, any individual map of space can have multiple interpretations, so, sorry, Tim, I stole your map.

I took the sewer theme and intended to fill it with some typical inhabitants, albeit some not on Tim's adventure.  Were-rats, it is.  My random rolling put monsters in only two rooms, and only one with treasure (actually, the only treasure in the whole place). And really, were-rats?  Gotta do better than that. So they serve something a bit more nasty. And there's a bit of a complication with serving this particular big-bad, but our rats have found a way around it. And I trickled a bit more treasure in, because we have to keep those mooks interested...

So have a look, this is also my first attempt at a zine format - so comments are welcome.

Mmm, sewer.


  1. Steal my maps anytime. That's why I include a blank version for folks.

    1. Everyone draws better maps than me - I have no shame in swiping....

  2. Nice! Swiped for my campaign... thanks, Vance!

    1. Excellent! Glad people can find use for these scribblings. Let me know how it goes!

  3. I played it. As usual at lunchtime with my SAALT rules.
    It was cool, although it was pretty deadly. In terms of layout, I think you should reduce the margins and use justified text.

    I created a quick intro: A group of three adventurers were hired by a magician looking for a secret passage lost in the sewers that would lead to??????. I quickly drew names (online) and simple traits with Maze Rats:
    Amarwen: Female Half-elf Magic-User: hears voices; loud voice
    Cuthfre: Male Human Fighter: ditz; spiked club
    Atmard: Male Human Thief: orator; immense.
    Wulftroua: Female Human Thief: ruthless; bronze dagger

    Atmard (after being injured by the crossbow, and suffering the effects of the scare spell, died during an encounter with a monstrous rat)
    Cuthfre is currently in a state of petrification

    1. hi, thanks for the report. Sounds like Atmard had a particularly bad day. appreciate the feedback on layout.