Monday, December 29, 2014

Lubella, Expanded Petty Gods

Opened my damn fool mouth and Richard LeBlanc told me he had a gap in his Expanded Petty Gods project. Per Richard:
"HOWEVER! ... I have space in the "L" section for 1 more god. If you want to write the matching god too, that would be great. One catch, you have to start the god's name with the letters "Lu.""


Name: Lubella the Transformative
Symbol: Winged Cocoon
Alignment: Neutral
Mv: 120/30
AC: 3
hp/HD: 47/8
Atk: 1 (knout) + special
Dmg: 1d4+1 (+1hp/turn bleeding damage)
Save: Cl9 (+ hit only by magic weapons)
Morale: 5
Hoard: XIV
XP: 1060

Lubella resides as the God/dess of transformation. Worshipers petition her to assist in the commencement of new endeavors, or to smooth the way during significant or difficult transitions. Because of this, many adolescents find need to seek her out, causing her to be derisively referred to as the god/dess of the awkward teen years.

Androgynous, she either appears as a human of indistinct gender, or alternates between a stubbly boy and an awkward girl, depending on the moment or the angle of the viewer.

She is a sympathetic god/dess, sensitive to those in transformation or growth. However, she also recognizes that she will have few lifetime adherents, and often feels abandoned when a worshiper's change is complete. Since this worship is typically short-lived and specific to a period or event, she may feel slighted at not receiving due thanks.

When bored, Lubella may also appear spontaneously at a cross-roads or along a tortuous path as an adolescent beggar. Tossing a coin or two and saying a few kind words may be sufficient for her to point out the preferred route before disappearing. Insulting or ignoring her will cause her to give incorrect directions if asked. More egregious insults will result in her casting confusion upon the disrespectful individual(s) (see below).

Lubella will typically flee from aggression or combat. If pressed, she will let loose a blood-curdling scream to cover her retreat. Creatures within a 30' cone before her will be stunned for 2d4 rounds (-4 to hit, movement –50%). If she does have to engage in combat, she will strike out with a barbed knout that she keeps tied around her waist.
Reactions(2d6: subject to mendicant's CHA bonus):
2: Incensed. Confusion/transition impeded or prolonged, perhaps even cursed...
3-5: Insulted, leaves in huff. Insulting individual made awkward, prone to inappropriate outbursts for 1 day.
6-9: Neutral. Bored, rolls eyes. Did you just ask her to come all this way to help with that? Decides to hang out a bit to see what happens.
10-11: Shrugs, generally agreeable. Points out best course or action or direction.
12: Totally psyched. Blesses endeavor.

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