Friday, December 26, 2014

12 Found Deeds

Property deeds, that is. Perhaps found on a body, lifted from a pocket, or willed by a distant and forgotten relative...


1. an old stronghold at the edge of a once-fertile land, now dead, desecrated and referred to simply as The Blight. Anyone taking claim on the property will need to spend great time and effort to restore and re-sanctify the land back to productivity.

2. an ancestral estate and farmland, renowned for its bumper rye crops. Still productive, but suffering from a bit of a bulette infestation.

3. a manorhouse lovingly maintained by an aged, deaf groundskeeper and custodian. Uninhabitable due to the constantly screaming ghosts.

4. a seaside tower, formerly a wizard's redoubt, and now a popular spot for viewing the annual kraken migration.

5. a shabby hut huddled in a dank grove. Which, upon recitation of incantations on a second scroll (to be found/obtained separately), reveals a gateway to a pocket universe, and a resplendent mansion situated on a transparent platform overlooking an alien, starry expanse.

6. a played-out mine. Un-maintained, it is crumbling, with bowed shoring and collapsed tunnels. Further exploration and mining has a chance to break through to a crystal-veined cave, filled with gems highly sought-after for their ability to store arcane energies.

7. a giant, alien god-skull, set high upon an arid cliff. The brain cavity has been divided into rooms, and the eye sockets paneled with stained glass depicting legendary crimes.

8. a lovely little hamlet and the surrounding lands up the coast a ways. All the tenant-farmers are friendly, productive, and thoroughly undead.

9. ancestral lands and their ancient dolmen-rings. Which, unfortunately, has been co-opted by bugbear shamen, claiming that it, too, is their traditional holy site. They may be willing to negotiate shared access, but have a long list of requirements (some contradictory) for avoiding desecration of the site for their beliefs.

10. a fungal regime in the understory of a deep rainforest. The allegiance of the giant leaf-cutter ant colony is not guaranteed.

11. a mega-dungeon complex left by a distant and forgotten lich-uncle. Stipulations for acquiring the property include; converting alignment to chaotic, maintenance of dark rituals to assure alliance of minion-troops, and preservation of the structure in accordance to Hegemonic Register of Historic Places guidelines.

12. a giant treehouse complex suspended within a Methuselah tree in a primordial forest. The place is rustic, yet resplendent.  And terribly infested by pixies.

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