Monday, December 15, 2014

Random Magic Item: Corfang's Staff

In 2014, Danish archaeologists working at a 1st Century AD dig in East Jutland came upon a grisly trophy - four pelvic bones strung on a stick.  The bones were co-located with a previously-known dig where at least 200 slain warriors had been ritually desecrated and thrown into a lake.  The Iron Age battle likely took place between Germanic tribes infighting for territory under the pressure of northern Roman expansion during the previous half-century.

A hip discovery.
(I'll show myself out....)

The ogre mage Corfang Kontusk was one for collecting trophies from his vanquished foes, and where possible, retaining elements of their skills or abilities.  Particularly, he favored collecting pelvises from his slain opponents, for, he believed, that there was found the true 'essence' of a being.

The bones were disarticulated and flensed, then stained black in a enchantment-fixing brine for several moons until the powers of their dead owners were permanently attributed to the bones. The pelvic bones were fastened to a similarly-treated ironwood staff.

Corfang selected four heroic opponents, each bone providing a bonus or spell powers Any two powers may be used once per day, and beneficial effects may be used on the caster, or upon an ally.

The four lost foes, and their "contributions" to Corfang's Staff are (or were...):

1. Dwarven Berserker - Thalven Ironwood - Crushing Blow: benefits a +4 to hit, and 2x rolled damage.  If a natural 20 is rolled, the strike makes an automatic hit upon a 2nd hit adjacent foe, regardless of damage to the 1st foe. (1d4 combat rounds)

2. Human Sorcerer - Veselm of Thune - Chain Lightning: a branching bolt of lightning strikes up to 60' from the caster, and affects multiple (up to four) opponents - the first opponent is dealt 4d6 damage, with 1 die decreased damage per foe (3d6, 2d6, 1d6) as the bolt dissipates.

3. Human Necromancer - Kelyn Tanler - Necrotic Regeneration: A severed limb may be reattached, but it reanimates as undead. The limb itself has 1HD (besides the owner's HD) and will detach itself upon death, striking or strangling (1d4) the owner's killer until dead or turned. The limb is taut, discolored, and fetid, yielding a permanent -1 to CHA and reaction rolls.

4. Elven Illusionist - Haeron Rivalton - Displacement: -2 upon opponents to hit, (2d4 combat rounds)

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