Monday, December 8, 2014

Random Magic Item: Lyre of Vervor

Perfect for your chaotic evil bard....

Lyre of Vervor

This grisly instrument was created from the skull of the Jester/Bard Vervor after an unfortunately-timed joke put him on Prince Fervald's headsman's block (That being the Prince's second-favorite entertainment, after wandering entertainers).

The Prince's necromancer, Jeral Iamori, retrieved the unfortunate bard's head and placed it on a stake in the Singing Dunes of Arar.  Once dried, the top of the skull was cut off, and the scalp cleaned and stretched over the gap. The necromancer commissioned a hunter of some renown to hunt the Oryx of Krake, bringing back the beast's horns for the instrument's arms.  The finest silver wires formed the strings, and dark rituals re-awoke the bard's spirit, in a sense.

The skull sings along with the tunes played on the lyre, and amplifies the effects of any bard spells or effects by 10% (or saves against roll at -2).
User may cast Fear as 7th level MU once per day
User may cast Charm monster as 7th level MU once per day
Unsleeping, the lyre may be posted as a guard, screaming and yelling at any signs of intrusion within a 100-foot radius (outdoors) or 50 foot radius (indoors).

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