Friday, July 11, 2014

Why does that orc only have 1 HP?

So I hear that someone was wondering how an orc could only have one hit point...


  1. Podling lied about age to join horde
  2. Larger orcs always stole lunch coppers.
  3. Would rather be pressing flowers, wearing women's clothing, and hanging around in bars.
  4. Do you know how difficult it is to be a vegetarian orc?
  5. Rickets.
  6. Hunger strike - Release the Oubliette 6!
  7. Desecrated the wrong temple.
  8. Just returned from vision quest and fasting.
  9. Dungeon Lung.
  10. Should have retired years ago - waiting for dungeon economy to pick up before cashing out.
  11. Fetal Arcana Syndrome.
  12. Midget.
  13. Born under a bad sign, been down since he began to crawl.
  14. Bad case of Leolian Gut Worms.
  15. Conjoined twin attached to larger orc, wields miniature hand axe.
  16. Waiting for universal health care to kick in before having that lump looked at.
  17. "Lefty" from the last encounter.
  18. Suffering withdrawal from Cave Orchid.
  19. Tharq told him not to break that mirror.
  20. Not actually an orc, just a monkey someone dressed up.

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