Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Temple of Voeq

Wiped from a day of kung-fu clinic, but had a bit of energy left , so cobbled together this little cavern/dungeon complex.

Why the heck did I decide to hatch the corridor exteriors though? Cramp...

The Temple of Voeq, heretical Dagonites, has lain untended since the Dagon priest and his mercenaries put them to the sword two years ago. The locals won't approach the complex, for fear of the Old God, and rumors of curses, so perhaps it is relatively un-looted. Or the rumors are true.

The Voeqites carved temples and cells from the existing caverns, putting it to their own use. A series of cells and the prelate's chambers line one corridor, with a columned temple hewn from the central cavern. Statues and idols pepper the complex, placed in corridors, alcoves, and caverns. The Voeqites took advantage of an underwater connection between two cavern ponds, using it to awe their gullible initiates by swimming costumed priests between the ponds to make their deity 'arise' on cue.

Here it is without grid - I'm a total Gimp gumby, so this is as fancy as I'm getting for now...

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