Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Village of Creekside

This is a campaign/local setting for my little sandbox.  Feel free to co-opt it for your setting.

The village of Creekside is a stockaded frontier town, located along Peregrin Creek. Creekside was hewn from the forest and sits along a bend in the creek.  The cleared area is outside the town walls is home to several farms and residences.

The village is notable for a side-channel of the creek diverted through the stockade walls, allowing water and mill power during times of crisis.  If the town is pressed, dams can be dropped at the stockades, and the creek diversion floods low-lying areas along the north wall.  The stockades are wood, with some stone facing along the gates, blockhouse, and at the stream inlet/outlets.


The total population in and immediately surrounding town is approximately 100.  For a frontier town, it is relatively well-appointed.

The town mayor, Colvin Maleki, led the original settlers to the area about 20 years ago.  He has held the position with no real opposition for several years, and continues to hope for that 'tipping point' where Creekside will go from a wide spot in the road to a true town.  "Next year," he says, "I can feel it."

The town gains income from surrounding fields and orchards, as well as a small toll to travelers along the only road passing through the area. This toll helps pay for a small militia who man the gates, as well as patrol the roads east and west of town, dissuading bandits and other raiders (Militiamen: 8 Men-at-arms + 2 sergeants, Leather, spear, lt. crossbow, 6 light horses, 1st level sergeants add scale mail, longsword ). The militiamen are billeted in a barracks-building along the west wall. The militia is commanded by sheriff Rorick Solmund, (3rd level fighter, +1 Str bonus, chainmail, shortbow, longsword, Ring of protection +1), assigned to the post by a local noble. If needed, townsmen will man the towers and walls, with the usual array of light weapons. Approximately 2/3 will have leather armor.

The local temple is dedicated to Iade, a local deity of harvest and travelers. It is one of two stone buildings in town. In addition to its role as the local spiritual center, it is a meeting hall for community decision-making and at times of crisis (Brother Edvard, 2nd level Cleric, ring mail, lt mace, plus 2 acolytes). Edvard and/or his acolytes will periodically bring a wagon of supplies from Redacre, a larger town approximately one day's ride east. The supplies are doled out to down on their luck travelers, as well as held in time of need for the town. In the case of raiders, many of the surrounding residents and farmers will take shelter in and around the temple grounds.

The inn (The Hare and Bear), by the east gate, is one of the original structures in town.  It is a single story stone-walled building with a tall peaked roof.  The inn has a large cellar and accompanying stable. Accommodations consist of a mezzanine with several wooden cots above the common area. The innkeeper, Hugh Royner, and his wife run the Hare and Bear, with a cook, maid and stable-boy. A dancer, Hrodyn Fell, entertains patrons a few nights a week, and occasionally lifts a few coins from the unwary (1st level thief, +2 Dex bonus, dagger).

Other features and residents of Creekside include a small mercantile, mill, herbalist, butcher/tanner and beekeeper/orchardist.


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