Friday, July 18, 2014

Hall of Mirrors trap

Hallway lined on one side by d4+4 full-length mirrors.  The mirrors are 'unbreakable' - only magic weapons can damage them.  The mirrors are glamoured to compel a character to look upon them (as per Charm); however, if the mirrors themselves are covered, or otherwise magically blocked, such as by Obscuring Mist, their effects will be negated.  Random effects as per list, below:

Roll d100 for effect:
1-20: Normal Mirror
21-25: No reflection
26-30: View into place familiar to PC
31-35: View into random room in dungeon
36-40: View into alternate dimension
41-45: Look into the Void (utter blackness, disorienting)
45-50: Starry night - unfamiliar stars and constellations
51-55: PC sees self gender-swapped
56-60: PC sees self covered covered in spiders or other vermin
61-65: PC sees self as dead/skeleton
66-70: View into a Pit (vertigo 1d4 rounds)
71-80: Color Spray
81-85: Daze
86-90: Hypnotic pattern (effect: 4 rounds)
91-95: Menioth's Brilliant Ray
95-98: Scintillating Burst
99-00: Phantasmal Killer

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