Tuesday, July 8, 2014


The cantrip, or '0-level' spell, makes for some potentially useful utility spells that a conjurer may have picked up along the way - and also may add some color or surprise to other characters, perhaps a thief who picked up some tricks somewhere, or a failed cleric or mage acolyte who now campaigns under a different guise.

# of cantrips available + INT bonus, each may be used once daily.  Select randomly.

A list of 'useful' cantrips.  Some of these probably exist elsewhere, some are de-powered 1st level or similar spells, some may even be original content...
  1. Dispel Swarm (up to 1 HP total)
  2. Heat Water (Boil up to 1 gallon)
  3. Water Witching (locates water but not quality (1/2 mile outside, 150 ft inside))
  4. Gnat Swarm (1d4 rounds, 5'radius, target -1 to hit)
  5. Fire Arrow (cast on arrow: +1d3 fire damage + 25% chance to set target on fire)
  6. Sticky Hands (1d4 turns, +2 climb/pickpocket)
  7. Stink Bomb (Save vs. Spells or nausea 1d4 rounds)
  8. Itch (2d4 rounds, 1 target -1 to hit/ physical actions)
  9. Obscuring Mist (1d6 rounds, 10' radius)
  10. Squeaky Hinge (Minor alarm on single portal)
  11. Annoying Buzz (1d6 rounds, 1 target -1 concentration (spell casting, picking locks, etc.))
  12. Sour drink/food (1 serving, not poisonous, but unpalatable)
  13. Fabulous Hair (1 day - +1 to reaction rolls)
  14. Tangle (upon 1 rope, hair, net, whip, etc.)
  15. Detect Food (locates food but not quality (1/2 mile outside, 150 ft inside))
  16. Command Vermin (up to 1/2 HD total, 1d4 turns, simple 1-word commands)
  17. Talking Page (One non-magical page of text or scroll in unknown language will translate - as text to speech)
  18. Predict Weather (1-2 days)
  19. Sparkle (1 target outlined, +1 to hit w/ missile, 1 round/level)
  20. Find Trinket (conjure item of up to 2 gp value from equipment list)
  21. Fumble (target saves or drops item)
  22. Sneezing Fit (target sneezes 1d4 rounds, no actions except defense)
  23. Kitchen Voice ("GETOUTOFTHEKITCHEN!") (causes one opponent to flee) 
  24. Conjure Cookie (Makes one delicious gooey cookie.  Everyone will be jealous.)
  25. Eyes in the Back of the Head (1d4 turns, surprise on 6 only)
  26. Sharpen (restore edge on one tool or weapon)
  27. Annoy Undead (your guess is as good as mine)
  28. Restful Sleep (+1 HP recovery)
  29. Dog Whistle (attracts 1d4 stray dogs)
  30. Magic Dart (1d3, addtl dart/3 levels)
  31. Sprint (move at 2x speed 1d4 rounds)


  1. Pretty good, certainly more in line with what I'd imagine an effective cantrip to be like without undoing the game world around it.

    1. Thanks - I like the image of the wizard tossing out little useful (or at least awe-the-bumpkins) spells at little cost. They are primarily for color, or an occasional advantage.

  2. can I suggest :
    Annoy Undead (active undead within 30' are drawn to recipient of this cantrip for the next 3 rounds and will direct attacks to them in favor of others that are nearer).

    1. that could work - although I originally misread your suggestion as the effect being ON the caster. oops...

    2. Well that could work too but it would be a really unpopular cantrip. Didn't Kender have a taunt ability that basically did that in dragonlance?