Friday, May 30, 2014

Lizardfolk as PC class


Lizardman Character Class

Google and OSR Search aren't really turning up a lot of Lizardman as character class entries, although I know that they are out there - Anyway, here's mine, statted out for S&W (although easily convertible to other old-ish systems).

Available Classes:  Fighter, Shaman (as Cleric or Druid)
Max Level: 9
Prime requisites: Str 13, Con 13
HP:  2d8 @ 1st level, 1d8 subsequent levels
AC: 5/14 (natural armor), only shields allowed.
Atk: unarmed: 2 claws (1d3 ea.) + bite (1d6); armed: Melee weapon (variable) + bite (1d6) or thrown weapon (variable)
Allowed weapons: Club, spear, javelin, morningstar (as Aztec macuahuitl), trident (1d8 [+1dam if 2-handed]), sling
Move: 9/swim 12
AL: Any Neutral
Languages: Draconic + 1 additional
Special abilities: Hold breath # of rounds = 4xCon

While the 'modern' lizardmen are considered a primitive, savage group, they are a actually a degraded race, fallen from past advancement and glory.

Some retain a racial memory of these advanced times before the 'monkeys' overran the world with their noise-some chattering.   Even rarer individuals among these make the journey out of the marshes and swamps the race has been relegated to in order to seek the lost cities and artifacts that may provide the information to bring uplift and renaissance.  These 'Scale-walkers' travel at the edges of civilization, communing with the monkeys as a necessary evil in their quest for knowledge.

Like their more primitive brethren, lizardman PCs are very resilient, earning 2HD at 1st level. They are also fearsome and effective fighters, with two melee attacks per round (3 if unarmed). Lizardmen tend to opt for simple weapons that will not fail them in wet environs.  Shamen may use any racially-allowed weapons and are not subject to class weapon restrictions.  Lizardmen are not allowed additional armor beyond their natural armor because it restricts their aquatic abilities, although they may use shields, as one can be readily discarded if necessary.  Their semi-aquatic nature is reflected by their strong swimming and breath-holding capabilities.  Lizardfolk avoid travel in arid or cold environments.  If they must travel in desert or arctic conditions, they will lose 1hp per day due to dehydration.

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